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Greenfield Primary School

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Good morning.

I hope everyone is well. Let’s start our learning today! 

Remember you can write to me and send me your learning on the class email or just to say hello!


Did you enjoy the Winnie story? What was your favourite part? Have you read any of the other Winnie the Witch books? Which was your favourite book? Who else would like reading these books? Write a few sentences and let me know.



Year 1: Let’s try a game first to warm our brains up! In this game you have to sort the animals by size.

Today we are going to be comparing lengths and heights. We are going to be using words like taller, shorter, tallest and shortest.

Year 2: Today we will be comparing measures.

There are 100cm in 1 metre.

100cm = 1m

You must look at the tens digit to see how many tens there are in each of the numbers. If both numbers have the same tens digit then look at the ones digit to see if you can find out which number is the greatest. Then you will be able to work out which way the greater than or less than sign needs to go
Be careful there are 2 really tricky ones!


This week we are going to read and watch a folktale that is set in another country. This story is from Ghana, a country in Africa.

Look on a map to see if you can find Africa and Ghana.


A folktale is a story from long ago. They were not written down but were told to people. This was how the stories were spread and became well known. These stories were told by people to pass on important information and lessons that could be learnt by children and anyone else listening to them. This folktale is about Anansi. He is a spider and a trickster!

What do you think a trickster is? Tell a grown up what kind of spider you think Anansi is.


Today I would like you to watch the story of Why Anansi has eight long legs. When you have watched it, I would then like you to read the story yourself. This is a fantastic chance to practise your super reading skills! You could always send me a video of you reading the story to me!

When you have done that, I would like you to put the sentences in order! My computer has muddled them up again!

I have attached some pictures which also tell the story but my computer has muddled these too! See if you can match the sentences to the correct picture.

If you cannot print the pictures you could tell a grown up which sentence goes with which picture.

Why Anansi has eight thin legs - African Folk Tales for Kids | Educational Videos by Mocomi


In our last Geography lesson you learnt about the outback. Australia is full of interesting places and impressive locations. Take a look at the power point about natural locations.

Which one impressed you the most?
I would like you to choose one of the natural locations to write a fact file or create a booklet.

Use the information on the power point to help you and you could even try to find out your own facts too!

Click on the document to find out how you can make a booklet or a fact file.