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Greenfield Primary School

Imagine, Believe, Succeed


Good morning. Hope I find you all well. Thank you for everyone who has sent me an email. I always look forward to reading them and seeing the fabulous work you are doing.

Remember you can write to me and send me your learning on the class email.


Remember to carry on with your reading. You are all fantastic readers!

What books have you been reading at home?

What was your favourite book? Why did you enjoy it? What was it about? I would love to hear what books you have been reading. Send me an email and let me know.

Have you been listening to Story time with Nick?


Year 1:  For our maths warm up we are going to revise tens and ones. Count carefully otherwise the shark will sink your boat!

 Today we are going to be using the take away skills we learnt yesterday and finding the difference between 2 numbers. When we want to find how many more there are, we have to take away the smaller number.

If Alex has 12 apples and Daniel has 4. How many more apples does Alex have?

We will have to find the answer to 12 – 4. You can do this by counting back on a number line, counting back in your head or drawing lines and crossing them off as you count.

Remember to practise your times tables with Times Tables Rock Stars.

Blue group: Your learning today is taking away using number lines. Read the maths sentence, find the first number on the number line and count back the right amount of jumps on the number line. The number you land on is the answer. Don’t forget to write numbers carefully. 

Year 2:  Today you are going to find ½ & ¼ of objects (The question numbers may be in the wrong order or missing, this is how the sheet should be).

Count the whole amount. If you are finding half you need to split the whole amount into 2 equal groups. You could find something at home to help you do this if you need to (coins/pasta/cars).

When finding a quarter, you must split the whole amount into 4 equal groups. 1 of these 4 groups is equal to 1/4.


This week we are going to look at some poems about transport.

Today we are going to look at a poem. This poem is all about noises!

I would like you to read and perform the poem aloud to a grown up. You might want to send me a video of you performing the poem too! When you have done that, see if you can think of words to describe the sounds the objects make.

History - Cars

Last week we read the story of Mr Gumpy. He had an old motor car. Cars of today are very different. We are going to look at cars over time.

I would like you to look at the power point to find out about how cars have changed. (I have attached a PDF copy as well in case you cannot access the power point)

When you have finished, I would like you to look at the 3 motor cars and put them in order on the timeline with the earliest car first. If you do not have a printer you can write the name of each car in order on a timeline or you can tell a grown up the order.

After you have put the cars on the timeline, look at the two cars and compare them. What is the same and what is different about them?

I have attached a video of a very early steam car that had been built to show people what cars were like a very long time ago. Have a look. Would you like to go for a ride in this car?

I have also attached a link for you to find out more information about cars. Click on each picture to find out more.   

1770 French Cugnot (Repro)(1)