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Greenfield Primary School

Imagine, Believe, Succeed

Tuesday 31st March



Today we are going to revisit reading and interpreting tables.


There are three question sheets attached Blue Boys and Red answer questions from the first sheet. Orange and Yellow the second and Green the third.


Blue Girls - you have a separate sheet. (There is a lot of work, it is for today and tomorrow)




Watch the first video - creating a character. Can you answer the questions that are on the page?

Now I would like you to create your own new character to live in the night zoo. You will need to include all the things from the film clip and also use your words to 'paint a picture' of your character. You can then check that the words and the picture match up.

Everyone can do this activity.


Remember to also include a short session on everyday to help you with your writing skills - you can repeat each one until you get them all correct.





If you have read all your books at home the following website has lots of free books you can read on line - select your age group and happy reading.

Geography - Compass points

Use the link below, watch the film clip and play the game to help you learn the compass points


Then complete one of the map puzzles, 1 star is the easiest and three stars is the trickiest. Choose the one you feel happy with.