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Greenfield Primary School

Imagine, Believe, Succeed

Tuesday 19th January

Understanding the world.

Lets talk about growing vegetables.

Do you have a garden? Have you ever grown any vegetables?

Lets have a go at growing vegetable tops!

You will need a carrot top, or a parsnip top or even a turnip top.

 A saucer or an old tray like container.

Take the top from your chosen vegetable and place it on your saucer, carefully place your vegetable top on the saucer.

Don't forget to keep the water topped up.

Watch the video link below.        


Kids Video Carrot Replanting for kids | How to regrow carrot tops simply for kids kitchen experiment


Continue to practise your daily yoga.

You must be getting really good at it now.

Well done.


Can you make a collection of different vegetables?

These can be real vegetables or role play food or pictures of vegetables that you have either cut out of a magazine or drawn yourself.

How could you sort them? Can you sort them by size? 

Can you use the language of size? e.g. Big, small, bigger, smaller, biggest and smallest.

How else could you sort the vegetables?   e.g. By colour or shape.

Don't forget to practise your counting skills also by counting how many vegetables are in each set.

Expressive art and design.

Vegetable printing.

Cut a vegetable in half dip this into some paint and make a print pattern or you could draw a picture of your favourite vegetable.

Can you make a repeat pattern like the one in the picture below?

Can you read your pattern? e.g. Yellow, Purple, Yellow, Purple.

Can you say which colour will be next in your pattern?