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Imagine, Believe, Succeed

Tuesday 19th January 2021

Hello Reception!


It's Terrific Tuesday! How are you all feeling today? Can you think of a fantastic describing word to tell us? We hope you're feeling wide awake and ready to do some more learning!


Let's start our day by looking at some of yesterday's fantastic work:

Please drop us an email to - we love to see pictures of your fantastic learning!


Get Moving!


To wake ourselves up today, let's go on a Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure. This one is all about Minecraft - have fun!

Minecraft | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure!

Remember, there are lots more fun activities linked on the PE section of our website. Why don't you have a look and see if you can find something fun?




Remember to access the phonics sessions today:


Can you remember which sound you looked at yesterday? Have a go at writing it in the air with your magic finger.



Have you read the story Jasper's Beanstalk yet? If you'd like to have another look, head to this link:


In the book it tells us what Jasper does on each day. Can you remember what he does on Monday? Can you say any other days of the week?


Today we would like you to make a diary about your week. What is a diary? When would you keep a diary? First make your diary with a page for each day. How many days are there? Then for each day draw something you did. It could be something you ate, something you made or even a game you played. Once you have drawn your picture write a simple caption to explain what your picture shows. 


You could write something simple like;


I had fish


Or you could extend your sentence;


On Monday I had fish for lunch. 


Don't forget to keep your diary and write in it everyday! 



For our maths learning today, we are going to carry on learning about capacity. Can you remember what it means?


Capacity is how much of something fits inside of a container.


Before we start our activity, let's have a look at today's video: . We are going to visit the Monster Milkshake Cafe!


Let's refresh our memory of the super maths phrases that we have learned today:


Full – A container is filled all the way to the top


Half full – A container is filled to halfway up (the middle point)


Nearly full – A container is almost full, but the liquid inside doesn’t reach the top


Nearly empty – A container has a little bit of liquid at the bottom, but not much


For your activity today, you are going to set up your very own restaurant (make sure to give it an exciting name)!


First things first, we need to draw a menu. It needs to have up to 8 items on it:


  • A full cup of liquid
  • A half full cup of liquid
  • A nearly full cup of liquid
  • A nearly empty cup of liquid


  • A full bowl of cereal
  • A half full bowl of cereal
  • A nearly full bowl of cereal
  • A nearly empty bowl of cereal


(Please adapt the task if needed: to make the task easier, only focus on the concepts of full, empty and half full)


If you need some help, have a look at the picture below. Make sure to use the super maths language we’ve learnt today to say what each item is!



Now you’ve made your menu, you need to gather your equipment. You are going to need some cups, bowls, a jug full of liquid (of your choice) and, if available, a box of cereal.


Once your restaurant is set up, give your menu to a customer (your grownup!) and see what they ask for (grownups – please use the phrases first (e.g. a half full cup of water) before showing the pictures if needed). It looks like your customer wants to try everything on the menu – we hope that you can remember what all of our super maths phrases mean!


Extra Challege:

For your extra challenge today, can you link the items on your menu to our learning about mass last week? For example, do you think that a container with a larger capacity will have a larger mass?


We hope you’ve had fun learning all about capacity this week Reception - we can’t wait to see pictures of your restaurant!



On Tuesday he planted it...


Today we’re going to have a think about planting. Jasper planted the bean in some soil in the ground… I wonder why? I think that Mr Bloom will have the answer – have a watch of the video below and see what you can find out.

Mr Bloom's Nursery

If you are able to, we would love for you to have a try at planting something at home. It could be any sort of seed, bean or bulb that you like (e.g. an apple pip, an old potato etc). You could even plant something that you find outside! All you need is your seed, some soil, something to dig with (e.g. a spoon, a stick), and some water (if it’s outdoors, this could be rain!).


Now we’ve thought about planting our bean, let’s have a look at how it would grow by watching a video. Can you see anything happening that Mr Bloom talked about? Whilst watching, have a look at which day of growth the bean is on in the corner of the screen – can you believe how fast it grows!?

Bean Time-Lapse - 25 days

To finish off today, we are going to learn a song to help us remember how we would plant a bean. Can you come up with some actions for the song?


I’m a little bean small and round,


Bury me deep into the soft ground,


Sprinkle me with water,


Sunshine to,


Watch me grow as tall as you.


It’s to the tune of ‘I’m a Little Teapot’ – we’ve added an instrumental version of this below to sing along to if you would like to: