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Greenfield Primary School

Imagine, Believe, Succeed

Tuesday 13th July


Today we are going to continue reading Fantastic Mr Fox.  We are following the Reciprocal Reading pattern of Predict > Clarify > Questions > Summarise.   


Open up the resources below. Follow through the steps on the powerpoint and read today's chapter.


RML Readers:

Follow the link below: 




Mrs Maiden's Literacy Group:

This week, we are going to be retelling the story of Fantastic Mr Fox, as we will finish reading the book this week. We are going to break down the writing into parts:

  • The opening
  • The build up
  • The main event
  • The ending


Remember, when we retell a story we are summarising the main events and not focusing on lots of the smaller details. We must also write throughout in past tense, as this is a retell, the events have already taken place.


Today we will be writing the opening of the story. This is where we meet the main characters (The Fox Family and the Farmers)  and we find out a little about them to help paint a picture in the readers’ head. 


In your opening today, you must:

  • Introduce the Fox Family and explain what sort of people they are.
  • Introduce the farmers, what they keep on their farm and what sort of people they are.
  • Explain to the reader that Mr Fox and the farmers do not get on as he steals their livestock.
  • Include the farmers finding his hole and shooting his tail.


To make this exciting for the reader, you could:

  • Include exciting, descriptive vocabulary.
  • Include some speech between characters, punctuated correctly.
  • Use fronted adverbials at the start of sentences that show where, when and how. E.g. 

In the deep, damp hole, …

One gloomy evening, …

Sneakily, …

  • The characters’ thoughts and feelings (make them exciting, not ‘happy’ or ‘sad’).




Mrs Worrallo’s Literacy Group:

This week we are going to focus on the different characters in Fantastic Mr Fox and describe them!


Each day we are going to describe a different character. On Friday we are going to compare two of them!


Tuesday – Describe Badger.

Wednesday – Describe Mrs Fox.

Thursday – Describe Bunce.

Friday – Compare Badger and Mrs Fox.


Today, we are going to describe Badger. Start by talking about him to an adult.

  • What does he look like?
  • What does he do?


Now open up the Blue Group Activity. Find the sheet about Badger and write two sentences about him.  You can read the story with an adult if you want to remember more about Badger!


Yesterday in Maths, we learned about the meaning of the words horizontal and vertical and found some examples in shapes.


Today we are going to learn about


As a warm-up, let’s practise one of our time-tables using the link below:


Today’s learning is about recognising parallel and perpendicular lines in shapes.


Watch the video below and complete the practice questions.  Then open up the activity sheet.


Orange and Red – Complete Sheet 1 only.


Yellow and Green – Complete Sheet 2 only.


Blue Group

Yesterday we learned about 3D shapes – we sorted them into different shapes and counted them.


Today we are going to look at 2D shapes. Can you remember the names of any 2D shapes?


Complete the sorting and counting activity sheet.

Afternoon Learning:



Today we are learning to explore the concepts of betrayal, fairness and forgiveness through Christianity. Open up the powerpoint below. There are some video links to follow. 


Then complete the activity.