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Tuesday 12th

Tuesday 12th January

Below you will find all the learning for today. This includes reading, writing, maths and a foundation subject (Science, Geography, History, R.E, Computing, art or Design Technology). The coloured activities should be completed if your child is in that group in class. Reading texts and worksheets can be found at the bottom of the page. You can access the supporting videos by clicking on the words in blue.


Reading - Text: Macbeth - Page 18/19 - By Marcia Williams

Predict - 

From the images on these 2 pages, what kind of theme and atmosphere do you think the story will have? 

Think back on your work in writing from the previous day - the work from the video with the other teacher that you should have watched. 

Clarify - Find the meanings of these words using a dictionary or a search engine. 

bleak - 

heath - 

heralded - 

brandished -

attire - 

Thane (old English) - 

Summary - 

In your own words explain the 3 propheses that the 3 witches told Macbeth and his friend Banquo. 



Introduction - vowel or consonant - Spelling


Today we will investigate the difference between a soft and hard c, exploring the vowels that usually follow a soft c and the vowels that follow a hard c. Click on the word spelling to find your work, you will need a pencil and paper.


All groups to complete spelling activity.


Maths - Decimals 

We will begin our learning on decimals by looking back at work we have already completed to remind our selves of decimal place value, click here to find a video which will refresh your memory of decimal numbers up to 2 decimal places.


When you have watched the video open the document at the end of this page for your worksheet. Remember there is no need to print the sheet, you can record your answers on any paper then send me a photograph so I can check how you have done.

Green and Yellow - Complete all questions

Orange and Red - Complete all questions on the first page and then questions 6 & 8 on the second page

Blue - 

You will be working on addition and subtraction - click here for your video to support your learning . Your worksheet is in the documents section at the bottom, I would like you all to complete the first sheet and then boys can you challenge yourselves with the second sheet.



History - Tudor Monarchs

 Today we are going to learn about the monarchs of England, beginning by looking at a time line of all the Kings and Queens. The main part of our lesson will be to find out about the Tudors a family who ruled from 1485 - 1605. There were many rulers across this time - read the document at the bottom of the page. When you have finished reading you need to complete the Tudor family tree - do not worry if you cannot print it, just draw it out on paper.