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Imagine, Believe, Succeed

Tuesday 12th January

Good morning Reception, it's terrific Tuesday!


We hope you enjoyed your learning yesterday - the story maps that have been sent to our class email are fantastic!

Remember, our class email is: - we love to see what you've been up to!


Don't forget, even though we haven't got a Joe Wicks PE lesson today, there are lots of fun PE activities linked on our PE page for you to enjoy.




Remember to access today's lesson, and complete all of the Set 1 sections:


What sound did you do today? Can you think of some words that start with that sound?




Today, we are going to write the beginning of our Jack and the Beanstalk story. The beginning means the first part.


Can you remember what sentence we say when we start a story? I’ll give you a clue, it starts with the word ‘once’…


That’s right, it’s ‘Once upon a time!


Using your story map, can you write the first part of ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’? I would like you to write to the part where Jack climbs the Beanstalk – we will save the rest of the story for later in the week.  I would like you to use some SUPER sentences, and some of the describing words that you used last week.


Here is our example...


Jack had a cow. Jack sold the cow. The old man had magic beans. Mum was cross. 


When writing your sentences take each one at a time. Break the sentence up by clapping or tapping each word so your child really knows which word they are writing. Write each word at a time encouraging your child to listen for the sounds they can hear. As we are looking at sentences you can talk to your child about how each sentence ends with a full stop. Don't worry about capital letters for now. Remember sentences should be simple and they should only be writing around 2 or 3 sentences. If your child comes up with a really tricky sentence support them to make it more manageable to write. 


I’ve attached some examples of words you could use to describe your characters below:


Happy      Friendly      Clever      Caring      Angry      Beautiful      Rude     


Handsome      Evil      Helpful      Smart      Moody      Honest      Ugly      Kind   


Wicked      Nasty      Scary  Polite      Grumpy      Calm      Furious      Unkind   


Fierce      Bold    Cross      Shy       Mean      Pretty      Horrible      Sly




We are going to continue learning about our very important fact today:


Every bigger number is made of smaller numbers


Can you remember what our smaller numbers are called? I’ll give you a clue, it starts with a ‘p’. That’s right, it’s parts!


To start our learning today we are going to play a game. It’s called bunny ears, and all you need are your two hands. Ask your grown up if they can say a number between 0 and 5. As quickly as you can make your hands into bunny ears at the top of your head and use your fingers to show the number. Make sure that you are using both hands to make your ears! (e.g. to make four, you could show two fingers on each hand).


For our main activity today we are going to draw some beanstalks, just like the one Jack climbed. Have a look at my example. I have used 1 green leaf and 2 orange leaves to show my whole number, which is 3.


Now it’s your turn. I’ve drawn some beanstalks below. They have a number underneath them, which shows how many leaves they should have… but some of them must have fallen off! Can you copy the beanstalks on to some paper and then draw on some more leaves so that they have the right amount?

Once you’ve finished with the beanstalks that I have drawn, can you make your own? Remember, there is more than one way of making the numbers 4 and 5.


Thank you for helping me to complete the beanstalks today! I wonder what will be at the top of them?




Yesterday, we made some sounds with our bodies. Today, we are going to use some items from around the house. We would like you to go on your very own sound hunt.


What can you find around your house that makes a good sound? Can any objects make more than one sound? If you go on a walk today, you might be able to find some good sounds outside! Remember, you don’t have to just tap your objects. You could rub them, scratch them…anything you want!


Extra challenge: could you use your objects to make a song? I’ve attached a video below as an example. If you’ve got a device that records sounds at home, we would love to hear the sounds that you’ve made:

Song made with objects