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Greenfield Primary School

Imagine, Believe, Succeed

Thursday 9th July 2020

Good Morning! 

Have a great day! Remember to keep me updated on your learning progress!


Stay safe, 
Miss Sharpe

Reciprocal Reading 

Today, we are going to begin reading chapter 14 of Nim’s Island. 


Once you have read today’s pages, you are going to answer 5 comprehension questions in full sentences. Remember, you must use the evidence from the text to support your answers. 


Q1 - Why was the sea still monstrous? 

Q2 - What made Nim struggle to see that the rainbows in the sky were ‘beautiful’ ? 

Q3 - How do we know that Fred wasn’t going swimming by himself? 

Q4 - Why was it hard to swim? 

Q5 - What made Nim begin to worry? 


Today in Literacy, I thought it would be a good idea to uplevel some boring sentences in preparation for when you need to write your own super interesting sentences, tomorrow in our big write. 


Below there are two powerpoints that I would like you to work through and see if you can practise your uplevelling skills. Then there is a sheet attached that has some boring sentences which will need uplevelling too!


Red, Orange, Yellow and Green: Today you will be completing your Multiplication and Division Quiz. When you reach question 3, you need to apply your knowledge to word problems. Think carefully about whether you are sharing the amount (dividing) or having a number of groups of an amount (multiplying).


Remember everything that you have recapped over the last few days and everything we learnt earlier in the year. This is all learning that we have covered in class so you should understand the concepts. If you don’t have a printer, write the answers on a piece of paper with the question number in the margin.


Blue 2: Today you are going to continue revising the topics we have covered so that you remember everything ready for Year 4 learning. There are 2 revision mats that I would like you to have a go at.  Remember, this is all learning that we have covered in class so you should understand the concepts. If you don’t have a printer, write the answers on a piece of paper with the question number in the margin. 


Blue 1: Today you will be continuing to compare statements. You will need to find the answers to the calculations before you compare the statements. You should be able to do this completely independently (an adult may need to read the questions for you). Attached is a PowerPoint to work through with an adult so that you understand the methods for working out the answers. Once you have worked through the PowerPoint, you must have a go at answering the questions independently (ask an adult for help if you get stuck).


In RE today our learning is based around these questions: 

What did Jesus teach? Was he a good teacher? Was he an inspiring teacher? 


Task 1: 

I would like you to have a think about what makes a ‘good teacher’ and make a list of ‘ingredients’ that are needed to help make a ‘good teacher.’ 


Task 2: 

Watch this video which is a parable from the Bible about two builders. 

Once you have watched it, discuss with an adult or think carefully about what the meaning is behind this parable and why Jesus was a good teacher. 


Task 3: 

The houses that were built in the story, needed good foundations to be built on. Use this and think about life, we as people need good stable foundations in our lives. For example - friends, family and education etc. Can you think of any other things that strengthen our lives?  

I would like you to try and think of 6 things that strengthen us as people and our lives and use these to design your own bricks to show your foundation. You could write some explanations on your bricks about what and why this strengthens you and your life. See below the attached template for you to write on, if needed.