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Imagine, Believe, Succeed

Thursday 7th January

Good morning Reception!


We hope you enjoyed your first day of home learning yesterday. We received some absolutely fantastic examples of your work via our email - well done!


A reminder that our class email is - please keep your emails coming as we love to see what you've been up to.




A new Set 1 RWI session will be available at 9:30am - today's sound will be 's', can you remember what yesterday's was?


To access the RWI sessions, please go to the following web link: 



Have you read the story of Jack and the beanstalk today? Try to watch and read the story every day, children learn best through lots of repetition.


Can you remember what the Jack gets when he sells the cow? Magic beans!

What happens to the magic beans?


Today we would like you to write about the magic beans. Pretend you have magic beans. What do they look like? Draw a picture. Can you use some words to describe the beans, don’t forget we used describing words yesterday when looking at the characters. Can you write some of these words that describe the magic beans? Have you used your Fred fingers to think of the sounds you need? Now underneath write what magical powers would your beans have? Be as imaginative as you want! Can you use a sentence today? Say your sentence first then write each word at a time using your RWI sounds.


Here is an example….



Before we start our new maths learning today, I want you to have a little think back to yesterday. What number did we look at? Can you remember what it meant?


For your maths learning today we are going to be comparing numbers up to five. This means that we are going to be looking at groups of objects and seeing what is the same and what is different.


We are going to start off by having a look at our fingers. Can you hold up 3 fingers in front of you? Is there more than one way that you could do this? Have a look at the picture if you need some help.


Once you're confident in showing 3 fingers in different ways, you can move on to showing 4 and 5 fingers, and using two hands! (Only do this if you are confident with numbers to 3)


For our main activity today, we are going to be having a Teddy Bears picnic. I would like you to get three dolls or teddy bears, and give them all a plate. Now, you need lots of little objects for them to eat. For example, if you wanted to use food, you might get some grapes and some biscuits. If you didn't want to use food you could get some balls of tin foil and some rolled up socks - anything you want!


Ask your grownup to put some food for the bears on each plate, and then have a think about these questions:

  • Does every bear have the same amount?
  • Is the food split fairly?
  • Who has more and who has less?
  • Can you give them the same amount of food, but in different ways? (e.g. two grapes and one biscuits or one grape and two biscuits - both are equal to the same number of pieces overall)


To finish off our activity today, I think that it would be really kind if you could give all of the bears the same amount of food. Once you have shared everything out, can you count each item carefully to check that they have all got the same?


Well done for your maths learning today Reception - I hope you enjoyed your teddy bear's picnic!



Today we have added another PowerPoint about the signs of winter. You can find it below. When you have finished this there is a winter clothes cutting activity.


For your main task we would like you to make some ice! Do you know how we can make ice? What is ice? Why do we get ice in winter?


Find an old container and fill it with water. You may also like to put an old toy or Lego piece etc. in the water. Put the water in the freezer. What do you think will happen? Why? Leave your water container in the freezer until tomorrow as you will need it for Friday! Enjoy!