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Greenfield Primary School

Imagine, Believe, Succeed

Thursday 4th March

It's Thoughtful Thursday!

Hello Reception! It's Thoughtful Thursday so let's start our day off with some Belly Breathing to make sure we're feeling nice and calm and ready to learn.

It's time for us to take a look at some of your fantastic learning from yesterday:
As always, please don't forget to send us your child's fantastic work:


Don't forget that our class zoom is at 10am today!


We will be playing a game of number bingo, so you will need to create your own bingo card including six numbers, between 1-10 (just like the one below):


 1   5   3 
 6   9  2


We hope to see lots of you there!


Get Moving!


To warm ourselves up for our learning, we're going to start off with the freeze game. Can you FREEZE when the music stops?

Remember that we have lots more activities on our class PE page, why not take a look?




As usual, your three phonics sessions will be available on the Ruth Miskin YouTube channel at 9:30am. Please access these via the following link:


For your last week of online RML lessons, why not have a look at some of the phonics activities and games on Education City or phonicsplay? Make sure to practise the sounds that you find the trickiest!



Today, we are going to have a look at the nursery rhyme ‘Old MacDonald had a Farm’. Familiarise yourself with the rhyme below:

We would like you to make sure that you are really familiar with the structure of the rhyme. Once you are, can you add some of your own animals and animal sounds?


For your activity today, we would like you to write a list of as many animals that Old MacDonald might have on his farm that you can think of. Have a look at today’s video to see how I’ve started my list:


When writing your list of animals, see if you can remember to do these important things:


  • Write each word on a new line
  • Add a capital letter at the start of each word
  • Write all of the sounds that you can hear in each word


I would like you to try and write the names of at least five animals. Have fun – we are looking forward to seeing which animals you come up with!


If you wish to, you can print off the below worksheet to guide your writing:



Today we are going to be making 10 by counting on. To join in with today’s learning click on this link:


Now for today’s task we want you place the numbers 1-10 around a room in your house. Use the cards attached or if you don’t have a printer at home, ask your grow up to roll a dice or put some counters on the table or draw the 10 frames. Now count how many counters there are, how many more do you need to make 10? Can you see this number in your room? Go and stand by this number. Now try it with another 10 frame or amount of counters.



This afternoon we will be learning some music. In this lesson, we will visit the veggie patch again to see how high our plants have grown. We will use our imagination to think about plants growing to explore pitch and use an action game to revisit our learning about beat from a few weeks ago.




Soon we will be returning to school. We are very excited to see you all! We have missed you all. How do you feel about coming back to school? Are you sad, nervous, excited? Are you looking forward to seeing your friends? Today we will think about a good way to say hello to your friends when we come back. Click here to begin today’s lesson:


There are some questions for you to have a think about after as well.