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Greenfield Primary School

Imagine, Believe, Succeed

Thursday 4th March

Hello everyone welcome to Thursday's learning. 

Are you all ready to do some more fantastic learning?

I can see lots of little Inkpens ready to learn.

Let's start by taking another look at the wonderful work that you have been sending to us.

Physical Development

Let's be gummy bears with the Just Dance kids!


Happy World Book Day.

Today is World Book Day, I have been trying to decide what my favourite book is. I love so many books that I have found it really difficult to choose just one.

But finally I have decided which is my favourite and I would like to share it with you. 

My book is called "Six Dinner Sid" and it is about a rather cheeky cat called Sid. It is written by Inga Moore.

I really hope you enjoyed my favourite story too. 

 Chose your favourite book, find a comfortable, quite place and sit with your grown up to enjoy your story, Once you have enjoyed a lovely story time with your grow up you have a task to do.

  • Talk about what happened in your story?
  • Who were the characters in your story?
  • Why do you like this story?


Our sound this week is 'b'. 

On Monday we looked at the picture of the boot. 

On Tuesday we made 'b' soup

On Wednesday we learnt a song all about things starting with 'b'.

Today we are going to learn about some more things starting with 'b'. Try to remember some of the things you see to help you with your phonic learning tomorrow.


Today your will need 5 balloons, you can draw 5 balloons if you don't have real ones. On each balloon write a number 1 - 5.

Say the number names as you place them down carefully in order. Now mix up the order of the 5 balloons. 

Your task is to sort the mixed up balloons into the correct order again.

You can try adding numbers 6 - 10 for an added challenge.

You will need to keep your balloons for tomorrow's maths learning.

Expressive Art and Design

The balloon in our story was blue. Balloons come in lots of different colours, some even have pictures or numbers on. Today you are going to use paints to mix and make new colours. If you don't have paints you can use the link below: