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Imagine, Believe, Succeed

Thursday 4th February

It's Thoughtful Thursday!


Hello Reception! It's Thoughtful Thursday so let's start ourselves off with some mindful Rainbow Breathing:

Now we are feeling nice and relaxed, let's have a look at some of the amazing work that we were sent yesterday:

As always, please send your work to our class email:


Get Moving!


To warm ourselves up today, we are going to do one of our favourites - a Koo Koo Kanga Roo!



Your RML lesson will be available at 9:30am on the Ruth Miskin YouTube channel, as usual:


Can you think of a word that ends with one of the sounds that you've looked at this week?



Click on the link to remind yourself about the story of The Frog Prince


Today I would like you to retell the middle of the story. Can you remember how the story began? What happened next? Use the word mat below if you need some help remembering! I want you just to write up to where the Princess lets the frog sleep in her bed.



You could write something like:


The Princess told her dad. He told her to keep the promises.


Or you could extend your sentence;


The Princess told her dad what had happened. He warned her to keep the promises she had made.



  • Say you sentence, clap your sentence, write your sentence.
  • Use a capital letter to begin.
  • Write your letters on the line.
  • Use a full stop at the end.


Just like yesterday, you can use the following worksheet to guide you if you would like to:



For the last two days this week, we are going to have a practice of some learning that we before Christmas. We are going to have another look at our learning about 2d shapes, in preparation for looking at them in more detail next term.


Have a look at today’s video to find out which shapes we are looking at today:


Before we do our activity today, we’ve got two questions for you to have a think about:

How many sides does a circle have? Can you describe it?

How many sides does a triangle have? Do all of the sides of a triangle have to be the same length?


For today’s activity, we would like you to draw a shape picture using only circles and triangles. You can have a go a drawing your own shapes, or you could ask your grownup to cut you some out for you to draw around. We would love to see your pictures when you’ve finished!


Extra Challenge:

Can you think about what makes the triangles that you use different? (e.g. some have sides that are the same length, some have two long sides)



This afternoon we are going to be learning some Music. Today’s lesson is called Planting in the Garden. We have been learning a lot about plants and what makes them grow. In this lesson, we will start to explore the garden through singing games and rhymes. We will develop our sense of pulse and our understanding of note duration. Click here to see today’s learning with Mrs Wright: