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Imagine, Believe, Succeed


Good morning!
Happy Thursday! 

You will find all of today's learning below.

Remember to send any questions or pieces of work to our class email so I can check how you are getting on:


Today we are reading pages 61 - 64.

Your main learning activity today is to be able to write a summary about what you have read over the past two days.

Make sure you are detailed when describing the important parts but be careful not to include too many insignificant parts!


We don't need to start a summary with 'I summarise'.


You could start with:

* Throughout chapter 3 there has been...
* During chapter 3 we saw/heard/experienced...


You'll find the power point and learning activity below. 


I hope you got on alright yesterday listing adjectives to describe and up levelling sentences!

Those skills will really help you today as you write a diary entry as if you are Bilbo Baggins recording what has been happening on their adventure.


Below I will attach a diary writing knowledge organiser which will give you a look at what a good diary entry might look like and a help sheet with a checklist for what to include and some key vocabulary terms and examples.

For today's diary entry, I would like you to focus only on the first part of your plan/vocabulary chart you created yesterday where Bilbo will describe how they arrived at a rest point, set up camp, had a sleep and had headed off towards Homely House.


Diary entries are written mainly in the past tense as they are recording what has happened, they occasionally talk about hopes and thoughts about the future.


So we have a lot of things to note down in Bilbo's diary... Here is an example of how it could be started:


Dear Diary,

I cannot believe how little time I have had to myself! I'm so used to spending so much time on my own that in this busyness I forgot to write to you before bed.


So, yesterday in the early evening, as the sun was beginning to set, (it lit up the sky a brilliant pink colour) we arrived at a place suitable to camp. I cannot express how relieved my tired, heavy legs were to get down from the pony and just be still. The constant jolting and sliding on the pony for so many hours felt treacherous. 

Once I was off the pony, I took a moment to look around and take in our surroundings. To my left was a dense forest with trees that towered high into the gloomy sky, making me feel even smaller! In front of me I couldn't see a thing as those irritating dwarves (not that I'd say that to their faces!) were huddled together blocking my view. To the right I could see the path which had just come from, it looked shorter and easier than it felt!


The worst part about this journey so far has got to be crossing the shallow (according to the dwarves) ford! I guess it isn't so bad when you're a tall tower of a man yourself, but being of small stature as myself I can tell you this water did not seem shallow! It was near enough up to my hips, I could feel the coldness of the water as my garments stuck to my skin like glue. I was soaked through!


Today in maths we will be recapping how to read and understand fractions that are greater than 1. 


When the numerator is larger than the denominator, we call this type of fraction an improper fraction because it has an amount of wholes and parts within it. 

This is why  our multiplication and division skills are so important, so we can accurately and speedily work out how many wholes and parts there are within the fraction.


Watch the video on the link below to help you understand your learning and learning activity.


Have a go at your worksheet below:


In computing we will be learning how to write codes that have loops. Loops are time efficient as we don't have to keep writing out the same commands over and over again.


We will be using the turtle academy website again and I have found a step by step loop guide on the website which you can try out at home:


Let me know how you get on!


The days have all moved across one so it might seem strange to be completing your P.E learning today, but have a go!

We are currently learning lots of different aspects of gymnastics.


Follow the video below up to 2:22 to try out some rolls.

It might be a good idea to pause the video after a demonstration of each type of roll so you can practise the roll straight away.


Make sure you check the area around you is clear enough so you don't hurt yourself (or break anything!). wink