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Greenfield Primary School

Imagine, Believe, Succeed


Good morning,


I hope you are staying well and happy! smiley
Please remember to ask any questions about your learning via our class email:

It would be great to see some of your work that you have completed at home too! 

Have a good Thursday.


We will be finishing our reading of the story 'The Kitten That Disappeared' today!
I hope you have enjoyed this story, let me know what you thought of it!

Today I am going to include a video with the power point on with a voice over. You will be able to hear me reading the questions to you and clarifying trickier words. I will also tell you the answers to the questions that I have asked you to answer. 
Please pause the video and join in when asked to.

After you have worked through the power point, then you should answer the questions on your worksheet. smiley

Animal Stories Thursday.mp4

Still image for this video

If you are normally in an RML group I would like you to watch the video below to practise saying the set 2 and 3 sounds. I found the video on youtube so when the lady says Year 1 don't worry, it is the correct video for you all.
After you have had a go at saying your sounds I would like you to read a short text based on the 'ay' sound and answer some questions about it. You will find it below the sounds video.

Daily Dance

Have fun dancing to dance and freeze! laugh


For your learning today you are going to learn how to recognise a half.
Look at this fraction:


The number 1 is the numerator and the number 2 is the denominator.
The numerator tells us how many parts we need and the denominator tells us how many parts make a whole.



The examples above are shapes all split in half. They have two halves that make the whole which you can see from the different colours.


Watch this learning video on the link below to learn more about how to recognise a half. Remember if the video asks you to answer any questions, ignore this part as you can complete your learning after you have watched the whole video.


For your main learning you will be answering questions where you need to identify which diagrams show ½ shaded?, colour in half of a shape and drawing the other half of the shape.

Maths: Blue group 1

For your maths learning today you are going to learn how to recognise a quarter. 
There are 4 quarters to make a whole. Each part has  to be equal to make the whole. 
Watch the video below and join in with the different activities when asked to. (Don't answer any questions until you have watched the whole video)

For your main learning you will be ticking shapes that are split into quarters, you will split a shape into quarters and colour a quarter of a shape.

Maths: Blue group 2

For your maths learning today you are going to learn how to recognise a half.
Take a look at this video to teach you how to recognise a half.
When an object or an amount is in half it means both parts are exactly the same.
For your main learning you will be drawing a line to split shapes in half, matching shapes to their other half, identifying shapes that are correctly split in half and colour half of a shape.


The boy has received a letter from the martian! 


Your job is to reply to the martian. You need to pretend to be the boy. What would the boy say back to the martian?
See this guide below to help you write your letter:

I'm looking forward to reading your letters. smiley
I will attach some lined paper in case you need some paper to write your letter.




In this lesson, we will be learning to maintain a steady pulse, to find the strong beat in the bar and how to move to the pulse of the music.


Click the link below to join in with your learning.

Story time

Click this link to listen to chapter 3 of Raider's Peril.