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Greenfield Primary School

Imagine, Believe, Succeed

Thursday 30th April


Morning Carle Class. It’s thoughtful Thursday today. Why don’t you do something nice for someone in your house today? Tell your mum how brilliant they are or give your dad a hug. Don’t forget to think about all the people helping us through this strange time. Have you been clapping for our carers every Thursday at 8?



Remember to practise your sounds daily. RWI will be holding daily virtual lessons for children to practise their sounds:

Set 1 sounds at 9:30am or 12:30pm

Set 2 sounds at 10:00am or 1:00pm

They have updated these lessons to include word time for set 1 speed sounds and spelling for set 2 and 3. There is also “Storytime with Nick” three times a week and some poems that your child can learn and perform.



For today’s writing we are going to write some clues to make a game of ‘Who am I?’


Here is mine …..  I am red. I have six legs. I have black spots. I can fly. Who am I?


Did you get it right? It was a ladybird!


Now pick your own bug. Can you write some clues for your bug without using the name of it? Give your clues to an adult. Can they guess what it is?

(Remember we want your child to use their sounds to spell so not all words will be spelt right!). Don’t forget the checklist we use in class when writing. Have you used your Fred fingers to spell words? Have you got finger spaces between your words? Are your letters well formed? If you notice a letter is the wrong way you could practice that to!



Let's get those brains nice and warm. Ask an adult to write numerals 0-20 down and cut them up. Get an adult to give you a number, can you match the number to the numeral in front of you. Then order the numerals 0-20. 


Today we are going to be learning to add more. We are going to focus on using the language 'add more' and 'adding more'.Get some objects/toys and get an amount out. Ask the children to count them and ask them to add 1 more and count the amount. Increase the amount that you add and always encourage the children to touch count each object as they count so that they count correctly. 


I count, you count game.


Attached is a sheet to complete with your child. Read the question to your child and allow them to draw the objects so that they can see how many more they have added.


Time to finish off our maths lesson. Read any numerals from the numerals 0-20 you have used today. Choose any number and read the number. Can you count the correct amount of objects to match your numeral. Let's make sure we recognise and understand all numbers to 20.


Can you make the bug you wrote about using some materials you have at home? Here is one easy way –paper bowl bugs. You can use any items that you have at home if you do not have a paper plate you can make one out of paper.

Story time

Elmer by David Mckee