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Greenfield Primary School

Imagine, Believe, Succeed

Thursday 2nd July


Good Morning Carle class, today is thoughtful Thursday. Hope you are all ok. We are thinking about you lot’s at the moment. Are you missing your friends and family? Remember it’s important we all keep talking at a time like this! We want you to keep talking to us too! Remember if you haven’t emailed us yet, this week we want to hear from all of Carle class.




From 1st June all lessons will be available daily at 9.30 am.


Se1 1, 2 and 3 speed sound lessons will restart.

Set 2 speed sound lessons will include new words for reading and spelling.




Today we want to write about your own journey in the boat. Where would you go? What would you see? Do you fall out of your boat like Mr Gumpy?


Don’t forget the checklist we use in class when writing. Have you used your Fred fingers to spell words? Have you got finger spaces between your words? Are your letters well formed? If you notice a letter is the wrong way you could practice that to! Each sentence should start with a capital letter and end with a full stop.




This week in maths we would like you to start off by singing out 3D shape song, watch and join in if you can.


Today’s maths is similar to yesterdays with the same principle. On the sheet attached are some objects replacing numbers in a subtraction sum. The children are to count the amount of objects and write the numeral underneath. Then find the number on the number line, once the children have this number they are to jump backwards using the number. For example 7-3, find 7 on the number line and jump back 3. What number did they land on? Check your answer by crossing out the objects (3 in the first example). How many do you have left? Are they the same?


Let’s finish off maths by playing paint the square, use the number square appropriate for your child and call out a number and colour for example, colour in 12 using red. This will help with children’s number recognition.




Summer is here and we like to swim and have fun in the water. We need to make sure we know how to keep safe in the water. Read the power point with your children about keeping safe in the water. Create a poster about keeping safe in the water, these can be on the computer or on some paper.


Story time


Enjoy and listen to ‘Paula the vet’