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Imagine, Believe, Succeed

Thursday 26th March

Remember to download your activity sheets from the bottom of the page. 



Find 1/5 of 30. 

These are the types of questions you will find today. I'd like you to recap finding fractions of amounts. Again, you can find Learning Reminders slides on the documents at the bottom. Have a go at the Practice Sheet, Mild or Hot and check the answers to see how you have achieved. Use the A Bit Stuck? section to help you if you are finding it tricky. Maybe you can complete the Check your Understanding section if you want a challenge. Use the video below if you want another explanation. 




Can you guys add mentally? That means in your head. When adding in your head, you need to partition the numbers. You are going to be adding three 2-digit numbers. Below, this is what you should do in your head. 


43 + 18 + 25 = 


40 + 10 + 20 = 70            3 + 8 + 5 = 16 


70 + 16 = 86 


43 + 18 + 25 = 86 


Use the document at the bottom to have a go at this. 




All of you princesses with an annoying pea problem, scroll down to the bottom and download your next activity! You will be required to recap punctuating some direct speech. There is even a checklist so that you can look at your speech and 'check' if you have everything on the 'list'. See what I did there? 


After that, have a go at writing a part of the story yourself! Add in your own phrases and write your own spin on it. Try to include some speech again though as that punctuation is really what I'd like for you to practice. Send me some pictures of your work if you're proud of it! 




If you started by reading St George and the Dragon, you've got a new story to read today. It's called The Cat's Journey. This story is written in first person from the cat's point of view. It also has some awesome sketches in it! Have a go at reading the story and use your expression. Then answer some of the questions. Once you've done that, try to write a diary entry based on the text. 


If you started reading Icarus, you now have a few video clips to watch and a text version too for Perseus. I'd like you to watch and read the examples of Greek Myths and then try to write your own version in first person. I want you to be Perseus in your story. Write from his point of view. 


Other Activities


Hey Cowell Class!

I hope you are all well and feeling ok.

I'm going to give you a project for the next few days. I won't set any new afternoon activities after this until Monday. I will repeat instructions for Science, Art, P.E. and History and you can complete those activities in the afternoons and over the weekend maybe! 




We had been learning about flight over the last term and the next subject in this topic was going to be the moon landing. Back in 1969, humans stepped on the moon for the first time. I would like you to use the link below to find out some more information about this incredible event!


Then, I'd like you to recreate the moment that these awesome astronauts first stepped on the moon. You could recreate it by drawing it, writing about it or even creating a model of it using whatever you have. You could make a model out of paper, cups or even toilet rolls (if you have any)! Make sure you ask for permission or help from your parents if you do want to make a model. 


Physical Education


Here is Joe Wicks' video from Wednesday. I had a go with Mrs Smith yesterday live with Joe. Hugo got involved too!




I gave you a list of Science experiments to have a go at. If you have investigated any of the experiments or if you have found one of your own, send me a picture or a description on I'd love to see some of your investigations. I will post an investigation on Friday. Come back Friday to have a look!