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Greenfield Primary School

Imagine, Believe, Succeed

Thursday 25th February

Hello everyone welcome to Thursday's learning. 

Are you all ready to do some more fantastic learning?

I spy with my little eye children who are ready and eager to learn.

Let's start by taking another look at the wonderful work that you have been sending to us.

Now it's time to wake up and shake up.

This morning we are joining the Zumba Kids.


I spy lots of children who are ready to listen to our story once more.


We hope you enjoyed listening to the story again. Did you spy Cinderella? Where was she? Yes, that's right she was on the stairs. Well done! Can you think of a word that rhymes with stairs?

Rhyming words

Still image for this video


Yesterday we learnt all about things beginning with the letter"g".

What did you find in your house starting with "g"?

Today we are going to learn a song all about the letter "g".


Well done for your work on capacity yesterday. You are all capacity super heroes now! Have a look at the bottles here. Your task is the match the pictures of the bottles with the labels. Are the bottles full, nearly full or empty? Then, with your grown up, can you fill your own bottle of water so that it is empty, nearly full and full? Please send us some pictures of your bottles.