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Greenfield Primary School

Imagine, Believe, Succeed

Thursday 25th February

It's Thoughtful Thursday!


Hello Reception! It's Thoughtful Thursday so let's start ourselves off with some mindful breathing by joining in with this melting activity.

We would love to see any work that you do! As always, please send pictures of you learning to our class email:




We are looking forward to seeing you all today on our Zoom get together. Remember it is at 10am. Please check your emails for the details. If you have not received an email from us, please email us at before 10am. 


Remember to set your log in as your child's name and to bring a toy that is a farm animal or a picture of a farm animal to share with the class. 


Get Moving!


To warm ourselves up today, we are going to pretend to be a superhero with this one, are you ready? Superhero’s unite!



Your RML lesson will be available at 9:30am on the Ruth Miskin YouTube channel, as usual:


Can you think of a word that ends with one of the sounds that you've looked at this week?




First let’s refresh our memory of this week’s story:

We are so impressed with all of the fantastic writing that you have sent us so far this week! Today we are going to be writing the ending of our story, which means that our writing is going to be about from when the animals had their meeting, to when the farmer ran away and they all started to work together. Can you find this section on your story map? Here it is on mine:



Remember to think about what each of your sentences are going to be before you start to write them down. Can you clap each one out?

Your sentence could look like this:



Or you could extend your sentences like this:



Have a look at my second sentence. Can you see that I have used a capital letter at the start of my sentence, finger spaces between my words, and a full stop at the end? I have also made sure to write on the line.


Remember – please don’t worry about spellings! We love to see that you have listened to the sounds that you can hear in each word (e.g. duck could look like duk or duc).


If you wish to, you can print off the below worksheet to guide your writing:

Well done Reception! We are so proud of you for retelling another story – you are all superstars! Make sure to give yourselves a well-done wiggle! We’ll see you tomorrow for some more literacy – we are going to be learning all about rhyming words.



Today we are going to be learning about the number 9. Remember the rhyme for writing the number 9 is to start at the top “round, up and down”. Practise writing your number 9. Watch the clip here to join in with today’s learning.


Now for today’s task we want you to first count out 9 objects, these can be dolls, counters, sweets, buttons, pom poms, peas, Lego, what ever you have at home. Next we want you to get 2 plates. Now sort the 9 objects between the 2 plates. How many are on each plate? You can use the worksheet below if you want to or continue to use your plates. Here is how we did it at school:



Remember to count each amount carefully.

Our Family:


This term we are going to be thinking about our family, do you know who is in your family? In this lesson, we join Miss Hughes to think about who is in our family. We learn how our families are related to us and learn that all families are different. We will also read the story of “More People to Live Me” written by Mo O’Hara and Ada Grey.


After you watch the clip we want you to draw a picture of our family, like these ones:



You could take photos of your family or if they don’t live with you, you could ask them to send you a photo of themselves (you will need your grown up to help you with this).