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Imagine, Believe, Succeed

Thursday 25.3.21


Yesterday we continued reading The Hodgeheg. We reached the part where Max has bumped his head and his speech is all mixed up...


Open up Thursday’s powerpoint in the Resources section below:


  •  Reading - Thursday 25.3.21


Read through the instructions - they will guide you through the activities you are going to do when you have read today’s pages (Chapter 4 - p23-34)


This week we have been reading The Hodgeheg and preparing to write a diary entry from Max's point of view.


Today we are going to write a diary about the day of Max's first adventure, to see how humans cross the road safely.


Our diary needs to:

Use first person pronouns - I, me, my, mine.

Be in the past tense, looking back on the day Max has had.

Include Max's thoughts and feelings.



This week we have been learning about fractions. Yesterday we learned about how to recognise and find one third. 


Today we are going to practise this further, and learn about the difference between a unit fraction and a non-unit fraction.


Open up the resources below. 

Read through the teaching powerpoint and complete the practice questions. When you are ready, complete the activity sheets linked to the unit fractions and non-unit fractions.


PE with Joe Wicks!