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Yesterday we continued reading The Princess and the Pea. We reached the part where the family realised the girl was a true princess. Today we are going to finish the story.

Open up Thursday’s reading documents in the resources section at the bottom of the page:

  •  Pages to read (Thursday)
  •  Reading - Thursday 4.2.21


Read through the instructions - they will guide you through the activities you are going to do when you have read today’s pages (p.15-19)


RML Readers:

Follow the link below:





This week we have continued to develop our writing skills using the story of Aladdin. 


Yesterday learned how to write a climax (main event) of a story. Today we are going to learn more about how to edit and improve our writing, to make it even better!


Open up the link below. It is an online lesson teaching us how to edit our writing:



The video will guide you through some different activities, step by step.  You will be guided through editing your writing from yesterday.


We have made some resources to help you complete the activities in the video.


Go to the resource section at the bottom of the page.

Open up this document: Writing -  Thursday 4.2.21 and find the right activity for your group.





Today in Maths, you will be looking at one final lesson on dividing 2-digit numbers by 1-digit numbers.


Below is the link to a video that will help you with today’s learning. Please make sure the sound is on.

Once you have watched this video, complete your group's task. Remember you can always pause or refer back to the video if you need to. When you have finished, get a different coloured pen and check your work with an adult using the answers provided.


Attached is a true or false question for you to look at and talk through your thoughts with an adult. Please remember you do not need to write down this answer to this unless you want to as it is just for discussion.




Today in Maths, you will again be learning to multiply by 8.


Work through the PowerPoint and then attempt the questions.



Today in Maths, you will be practicing your ordering of numbers. Like we do to warm up in class, practice placing digits 1-5, 1-10, 1-20 in order then click on the link and try both the ordering and sequencing activities.






 In computing this week, we would like you to send an email to us. The class email address is below, please do this by yourself although a parent can be next to you to tell you what to do if you are stuck.


Tell me all about the home learning that you have been completing and what you have enjoyed the most.


I will reply to you when I open my emails. If possible, continue emailing me whilst you are learning from home. This will help you to become confident with emailing whilst also giving me a chance to talk to you and see how you are getting on.


Please email me at:


This will also get us ready for our next computing lesson.