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Imagine, Believe, Succeed


I hope you are having a good week so far and are ready for another day of learning.

Today we are going to start with Zumba! Have you missed it? Let’s do one of our favourites.

Zumba Kids - I like to move it


Please watch today’s videos on RWI YouTube channel. They will show at 9.30am and will be available for 24 hours.

If you are in Miss Barnett’s group and Mrs Beech’s group you will need to watch the set 2 speed sounds, word time and spelling videos.

If you are in Miss Meakin’s group you will need to watch the set 3 speed sounds, word time and spelling videos. When you have completed this lesson, try the reading longer words lesson.

I have attached the link below. Just scroll down to find the videos you need.

Year 2 Reading

Today we are using our text, Chinese New Year to answer multiple choice questions. This means you have to choose an answer from three or four possible answers.

For today's reading lesson you can skim read through the text to remind you of the information inside the text. Find the part the question is asking you about, then select the correct answer from the choices.


Year 1:

To start today off let’s warm up by counting in 10s. 

Count by 10's and Exercise | Count to 100 | Jack Hartmann

Now we can start our learning, today we are going to be taking away by crossing out. First count how many objects there are to begin with. Then cross out the amount. How many are there left? This is your total, write it in the circle.

Watch the video to help you work out trickier subtraction questions. See if you can complete some of the questions with the lady in the video.


Then try quick subtraction with this game:


Year 2:

Today you are going to learn how to make doubles.

To make a double you have 2 of your start number.
So if you had 7 to start with you would add 7 to it.
7 doubled is 7 + 7.
Doubling is multiplying a number by 2. So 7 doubled is the same as 2 X 7 as 2 lots of 7 make the double.

Click the link below to learn more about how to double a number.

You could use things you have at home to help you complete this learning by counting out 2 of the same amount and joining them together to find the total. You could use things such as: coins, Lego pieces, pasta pieces or small toys.


For your main learning you will be doubling an amount. Remember you can use resources to help you if you need to, or you can draw the amounts out.

If you are matching double you need to count the amount in the picture first and then work out the double of that number, so you can select the correct number as the double. There are some challenging questions at the bottom of your first page where it says double ___ is 12. If you share 12 equally between 2 groups you will find out what number has to be doubled to make 12.

For your challenge you need to identify the odd ones out and say what doubles of different numbers are. Try to think about what working out you used when explaining how you know.

Blue group:

Today we are going to revise learning about one more and one less.

Watch the video and work through the questions.

When you have done that


Today we are going to look at a different story of the Princess and the Pea but this time there is a twist. It is called The Very Smart Pea & The Princess-To-Be

Yesterday you wrote as if the princess was telling the story.

In this story the pea is telling the story. Yes, you read this correctly! The pea is telling the story!

Watch and listen carefully to the story to see if you can see the twist.

Afterwards you are going to answer some questions about it.

Year 1 and 2: Remember to answer the questions in full sentences. It was lovely to see many of you writing the answers in full sentences last week.

Blue group: You will need to tick the right answers and then write a sentence in the speech bubble and the thought bubble.



Did you enjoy The Smart Pea and the Princess-To-Be this morning?

Did you work out that the princess was the gardener’s daughter?

At the end of the story there was a lovely art activity and I thought we could try it.

You will need:

some card or brown paper

Different coloured and patterned paper - you could always ask a grown up if they have an old paper or magazine you could use to cut up. That would make lovely mattresses!

Scissors glue

Pea – either real or a paper pea.

Once you have all these things. You can start. Watch the video from 8:19 and you can follow the instructions to make a princess and the pea picture.

Please send me a photograph of your finished pictures. I would love to see them.

I have attached some pictures to give you some ideas.

Good luck!