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Good morning, I hope you enjoyed your learning yesterday. Remember to send me your learning to the class email address so I can see how you are getting on.

Here is today's learning.

Year 1  Phonics

Please watch today’s videos on RWI YouTube channel. They will show at 9.30am and will be available for 24 hours.

If you are in Miss Barnett’s group and Mrs Beech’s group you will need to watch the set 2 speed sounds, word time and spelling videos. Today the sound is ee.

If you are in Miss Meakin’s group you will need to watch the set 3 speed sounds, word time and spelling videos. Today the sound is oi.

I have attached the link below

Year 2 Reading

Did you enjoy finding out about elephants yesterday?

Today I would like you to read a story all about a camping trip to a grown up.

Then complete the questions. Use your Ninja eyes to skim and scan the story to find the answers to the questions. Remember to answer questions in a complete sentence.


Year 1: First, let’s remind ourselves about 2D shapes.

I would like you to complete the maths warm up on the worksheets below for recognising 2D shapes. Watch this video to help you.

2D Shapes - BBC Bitesize

Today we are going to be partitioning numbers.

Think about this number:


How many tens does it have? How many ones does it have?

14 = has 1 ten

14 = has 4 ones

Watch the video to help you find out about tens and ones.

Partitioning numbers into tens and ones

I would like you to click on the worksheet below and partition the numbers. Draw a picture

Using tens sticks and ones in each box.

Year 2: Yesterday you learnt how to recognise equal groups, today, you are going to make equal groups.

Remember when groups are equal it means each group has the same amount.

To make equal groups the whole amount must be shared equally into the different groups.
Watch the video below to learn more about how to make equal groups.

For your first 3 questions you need to look at the representation (the picture) and match it to what it is showing (how many equal groups and of how many) then you need to match it to the total amount.

The next set of questions are asking you to make and show equal groups. You could use some things you have at home to help you do this (pasta pieces/coins/toys/Lego). Share the whole into the amount of equal groups in the number sentence. Only half of the groups have been drawn out for you as I’d like you to have a go at drawing the correct number of groups.

Remember if you don’t have any way to print out you could use some things at home to make your own equal groups and tell your grown-ups what groups you have made.

Blue group: Today we are going to learn to count on to see how many objects there are altogether. We will also see if you can also write numbers as words.

I would like you to watch the video and work through the activities on the video and worksheet and then complete the worksheet.

I have attached number words for you to help you write your number words.


Yesterday we read the fairy tale The story of The Princess & the Pea. Can you remember what happened?

Today you are going to think about the events that happened in the story ready to write your own story tomorrow.

Watch the video again to remind yourself about what happened at the start, middle and end of the story.

The Princess and the Pea Fairy Tale by Oxbridge Baby

Year 1

Look at the pictures on the sheet carefully and tell a grown up what is happening in each picture. Cut out the pictures and put them in the correct order. Read the sentences and match the sentences to the correct picture.

If you cannot print the worksheet out then read the sentences to a grown up and find the matching picture.

Year 2

I have started writing sentences about the events from the story but they are not finished. Can you finish them for me? The red word is a conjunction. It is used to join two short sentences together to make a longer sentence.

Blue group

Today you are going to start to write the story of The Princess and the Pea.

You are going to write who, what doing, what sentences.

Use the pictures to help you write sentences about what is happening in each picture. Don’t forget to put the little words in your sentence so it makes sense.


Christianity - The story of Zacchaeus

This term we are learning about Christianity in our RE sessions. A huge part of Christianity is the Bible. In the Bible there are lots of stories. Today we are learning about the story of Zacchaeus. He was a tax collector.


Everyone that works pays taxes to the government or the people that run the city and country you live in.  In some countries taxes help pay for doctor visits or to make or fix roads, pay for parks, or help those who can't work. The problem is that the tax collectors in this story didn’t always spend the tax properly or they took some of the money for themselves (which is stealing).


Zacchaeus lived a long time ago in a place called Jericho. Jesus had just arrived in this town. The word was spreading about this man named Jesus and the amazing things he was doing and saying.  So it was common when Jesus came to a place people would rush to see him.


Today I want you to watch the story of Zacchaeus.


Now I would like you to click on the worksheet below and fill in the thought bubbles for the different people in the story.

When you finish, there is a wordsearch for you to complete.