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Greenfield Primary School

Imagine, Believe, Succeed



Today I would like you to practise the 'oo' sound. 
Watch the video below and join in with the reading and spellings. Remember to use your fred fingers. 


For your maths learning today I would like you to practise adding numbers together. I would like you to write the number sentences. You can count the numicon pieces to help you with your number sentences.

Your number sentences should look like this:
3 + 5 = 8

Make sure you count carefully and write your numbers the correct way round. 


First of all watch the video below to remind yourself of the story we read in class. 

Now you have reminded yourself of the story, tell your grownup what happened in the story.
What did the boy do?
Why did he do this?

How did the villagers feel?


Today you are going to look at 2 pictures from the story and write some colourful sentences about what you can see happening. Think about whowhat doingto what like you do in class.

Say your sentence first.
Then write it.
Remember the little words!

Remember to make sure your sentence makes sense.


See the document below to help you with your colourful sentences.


Have a go at this PE lesson to get yourself moving and active after all your hard work today.

Did you find any of the exercises hard? 
Which one did you like doing the best?


Extra activities

I have also put some Education City tasks online for you to complete.