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Greenfield Primary School

Imagine, Believe, Succeed


Thursday 19th November 2020

Right guys, it’s Thursday and do I have a treat for you! DANCE MONKEY lets go!!!


For today’s learning we have…



Remember to practise your sounds daily. RWI will be holding daily virtual lessons for children to practise their sounds:

Click on the link for Set 1 sounds.

There is also “Storytime with Nick” and some poems that your child can learn and perform.



Today we are practising the letter ‘Dd’. Remember for the ‘D’ we go down, back up and round. For the ‘d’ we lead in, stop, round the dinosaur’s bottom, up his long neck and down to his tail.  



Today we are going to read the story of “The boy who cried wolf”. Click on this link to read along with this story.

Today I would like you to write 2 colourful sentences using the colourful picture prompts. Remember to make your sentence, say your sentence and then write your sentence. Did you use capital letters? Finger spaces? Full stops?  Always reads your sentences back to ensure they make sense.



G/Y/R/O groups:

Today we are going to be taking amounts away physically and writing your own take away maths stories. Put this learning to the test by playing this game:



Today we are going to be completing our first science experiment! What do plants grow from? Go through the pp to recap the different bulbs and seeds. Today we are going to investigate how plants grown and if having light or water or both is really important. What do we need? How can we make it a fair test? Go through the worksheet and complete your predictions.