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Year 1 - Today’s sound is ew (chew the stew) Watch the video to find out about our new sound. When you have finished, read the postcard. Read the postcard and find the words with ew in them. Put a line under each of these words.

Phonics set 3 - ew sound

Blue group – play the video of set 1 sounds. Say the sounds at the same time as the lady in the video.


After you have finished it. Then read the ditty with a grown up.

First read the sounds you will need for the ditty.

Next “fred talk” the green words you will need for the ditty.

After that read the red words you will need for the ditty.

Then read the ditty.


Year 1 Today we are going to revise partitioning 2-digit numbers. Partitioning is where we split the number up into tens and ones. Work through the video to remind yourself about partitioning.

Partitioning numbers into tens and ones

Now you have worked through partitioning try your learning activity.

Blue group – For your maths warm up today write all the numbers to 20 in order. Show them to a grown up to check them.

How did you get on with your learning yesterday? We are going to carry on learning about addition today. Look at the activity sheet. First count carefully how many are in the first set of objects. Then count how many there are in the second set of objects. Finally count how many there are when you put the two sets together.


Year 1 – Today we are going to learn about spelling longer words by finding out how many syllables there are in each word. Watch the video to find out about syllables then complete the spelling activity.

Syllables! | Scratch Garden

Blue group – Today for your spelling learning you are going to spell words to match the picture. Pinch the sounds on your fingers then write the sounds you hear.


On a Thursday afternoon we have guided reading. So today I would like you to read the story to a grown up and then answer the questions.

Blue group – reading the sentences and Look at the picture. There is something missing. Add information to the picture.