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Today's sound is 'ew'. Watch the video below to learn and practice the 'ew' sound!

Phonics set 3 - ew sound

Today's sound is ew - chew the stew. A stew is a thick soup that's full of tasty vegetables and, sometimes, meat - yum yum! 🍲 Lovely to hear your comments be...

Maths: Adding and subtracting tens


Today for your maths learning you need to have a go at adding tens and subtracting tens from a number.

The first digit in a 2-digit number is the tens, the second digit is the ones. When we add or subtract tens the ones digit will not change!


Look at your worksheet to see an example of how we can use representations to help us solve these problems.



Today you will be creating your own information text about cats.

First watch the videos below to learn some facts about cats!

Cats! Learning about Cats for Kids

Cats! Learn facts and information about cats. This educational video about cats is great for children and toddlers. Kids can learn about cats with this video...

* CATS * | Animals For Kids | All Things Animal TV

CATS * | Animals For Kids Quality, educational videos for kids. Made in the UK. Subscribe to All Things Animal TV! here: -------------...

Now that you have gathered some information about cats you can write about them in a booklet to show what you know and have learnt about cats.


You should use two A4 pieces of paper that you fold in half to form a booklet.
Your front cover should tell the reader what the booklet is about, the first page inside should be your contents page where you explain where people can find different pieces of information.


You could write about a cat's: appearance, diet, how to look after them, kittens or what a cat needs.


I look forward to reading your booklets!



Today, we are going to learn about Sukkot. Sukkot is a Harvest Festival celebrated by people who belong to the Jewish faith. 


Read the power point below then see your activity sheet for how to make a Sukkah!


In class we used cereal boxes to create ours!