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Greenfield Primary School

Imagine, Believe, Succeed


Good morning Troughton class! laugh

Are you ready for some more learning?
I hope you are!

I look forward to receiving some emails from you.


For your reading today, I would like you to either choose a book from home to read or choose a book from oxford owl to read. The details of how to use oxford owl if you haven't used it already will be below. smiley

Maths: Red, Orange, Yellow and Green groups

Over the next 2 days we will be learning about position, direction and movement.


Take a look at the ‘Position Movement Game’ power point. This is a starter activity for you to have a go at to remind you of some easier positional language before we move on to some trickier language tomorrow!

Also take a look at the positional language prompt. This includes lots of key words you might see and some explanations!

Your task today is to write the directions in the city to get to the different shops.

Maths: Blue group

Today we are going to be finding ¼ of an amount. I have attached a worksheet with some ladybirds for you to share between 4 leaves.


Remember that ¼ is 1 part of 4 equal amounts so today we are sharing equally between 4 leaves and finding out how much 1 leaf has.

Literacy: All groups

Today you need your plan for your Traction Man adventure.

Remember a comic tells the story through a set of pictures.

Sometimes these pictures have speech bubbles to show what the characters are saying.

Sometimes they have sound words or action words to let the reader have a clear idea of hat is happening in the story. Here are some examples of the kinds of words you might find:

Today I would like you to draw the pictures to tell the story of Traction Man and Scissor Shark.

Draw the pictures carefully because the reader needs to be able to see where the story is set and which character is Traction Man, Scissor Shark and any other characters you might need.

When you have drawn your pictures perhaps you could include a few sound or action words for some of your pictures.

I have attached a comic strip for you to tell your story. You don’t have to use this though, if you want to draw your very own comic strip that is fine too.

Remember to leave the rectangle below each of the picture boxes because that is where your sentences will go to tell the story. We will do this part tomorrow.


This week for our R.E learning we are going to be looking at important words.  
We use lots of different words to show respect and kindness towards others, these words are important. 
Have a look through the power point and answer the questions.

Then complete the worksheet about important words.


For your learning this week we are going to look at different emotions. 
We feel lots of different emotions at different times in our lives and when good and bad things happen. smileysadcryinglaughfrownblushsurpriseindecisionangry

Work through the power point and answer the questions about the different emotions the children are showing.
Finally, try to draw different faces to show the different emotions, on your worksheet.