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Greenfield Primary School

Imagine, Believe, Succeed


Good morning.

I hope you are all ready for your learning this morning! Are you ready?

Don’t forget you can send me your learning on the class email or write just to say hello!



This week I would like you to choose your own books, magazines or comics to read from your home.  Please let me know what you are reading. Is it a fiction book? Is it a non-fiction book? What is it about? Did you enjoy it or not? You could even send me a short video of you reading a section from it. I am missing our chats about books and hearing you read.



Year 1: This morning we have a maths warm up to get our brains working, try to complete this independently.  

Today we are going to be sharing equally again. Make sure you cross out each item as you share them between the groups and then write your answer to complete the maths sentence.

Here is a game to share equally, remember to say “one for you, one for you” as you share.

Blue group: Your learning today is to sort real life objects, like the ones you found yesterday, under the right shape name. Cut out the pictures and stick them under the correct shape.  


Year 2: For today’s learning, we are going to continue looking at 3D shapes but today we will be counting the number of vertices a 3D shape has.

To remind yourself what vertices are, watch this video:

3D Shapes for Kids - Vertices, Faces and Surfaces Explained

Again, if you can find some objects in your home that are the same shape that could help you with this learning.
Cylinder – can
Cuboid – Cereal box
Cube – Tissue cube

Complete the worksheet below.


Traction Man is the boy’s favourite doll. He used to have a Traction Man but there was a terrible parachute accident. The boy was very upset when this happened and missed playing with him. He wrote a letter to Santa asking if he could have a new Traction Man.

This Traction Man was better than his old one and came with lots of different outfits for different adventures.

Today I would like you to pretend you are the boy writing a letter to Santa thanking him for the present.

A letter has some special features. Look at the labelled picture to see how to set your letter out.


Your letter needs to include:

  1. Why you are writing.
  2. How often you are playing with your new Traction Man.
  3. What your Traction Man can do.
  4. What outfits Traction Man can wear.
  5. What your favourite thing about Traction Man is.
  6. How you are going to look after your toy.
  7. Anything else you would like to tell Santa.

Don’t forget you still need to use a capital letter at the start of a sentence and a full stop at the end of a sentence. If you are writing a list of things, you need to use a comma. If you want to ask a question in your letter you need to include a question mark.

Perhaps you could use some adjectives to add more detail to describe Traction Man.

You can either use your own paper to write your letter or click on the letter document to print the letter.


Last week we continued our learning about Islam and looked more closely at mosques. This week we are going to learn about the Qu'ran and why it is so important to Muslim people.
You have some activities to do along the way as you work through the power point.
If you are using the PDF version here is the link you will need: 

I'm looking forward to seeing what rules you come up with in order to make the world a better place.


We have been thinking a lot about how to keep healthy and safe in our PSHE learning. 
This week we are going to think about different activities we can do to reduce our screen time. It's okay to watch videos and play games on our tablets or play on our games consoles but we should try not to spend too long watching screens to help us keep healthy.
Spending too long on screen can make it tricky to sleep as night and can make us less active because we are sitting for a lot of the day. 


First of all, can you list some activities you can do that don't involve a screen?


Next, sort the activities into screen-based or not screen-based activities.
Finally, look at the list of screen-free activities and choose one or more to complete, you could do a few different ones over a few days. Send me an email showing which activity you chose!