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Greenfield Primary School

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Good morning.

I hope you all had a lovely Wednesday. Let’s see what our learning is today.

Don’t forget you can send me your learning on the class email or write just to say hello!



How did you get on with answering the questions yesterday by choosing the correct answer?

Today you have to read the sentences and decide if they are true or false then read some information and find and copy words to answer the question.


Year 1: This morning we have a maths warm up to get our brains working, try to complete this independently.

Today we are going to be making arrays. Arrays are pictures we can draw to help us with repeated addition or multiplication questions. The pictures are drawn in rows and columns.

Watch the power point first as it explains why we use arrays, then click on the worksheet for your maths group below.

Blue group:

Your learning today is all about sharing. There is an attached power point that explains how we share equally. Remember each group has to be the same. After watching this, you can try the worksheet.

Year 2: Today we are going to move on to read quarter past times as well as o’clock and half past times.
Remember the minute hand is the longer one and when it is on the 12 it is an o’clock time. The hour hand is the shorter hand and points at what hour it is when it is an o’clock time.
When reading half-past times, the minute hand will always be on the 6 when it is a half-past time, the hour hand will be in between two numbers. If it was half past 1 the hour hand would be between the 1 and the 2 as it is on its way to 2 o’clock. For quarter past times the minute hand will always be on the 3, the hour hand will usually be slightly past an hour. So, if it was quarter past 4 the hour hand would be a little past the number 4.


Now that you have found out about superheroes, you are going to design and write about your very own superhero.

First watch the video to find out about superheroes.

Superheroes & Super Powers | Wiki for Kids at Cool School

Now use the design a superhero sheet to show what your superhero looks like. Think carefully about the costume they might wear and what tools they might hold.

When you have done that, I would like you to write some sentences telling me all about your superhero. I have attached “My superhero identity” sheet to write your sentences on. If you are not able to print this, you can draw your superhero on a piece of paper and write your sentences underneath. Your sentences need to have a capital letter, a full stop, adjectives to describe and add more detail and you could use and, but, because to write longer sentences.

You will need to write about:

  • What your superhero is called
  • What the costume looks like
  • What special powers your superhero has
  • How your superhero got its power


Last week we learnt about why a Mosque is a special place to a Muslim.
This week we are going to read a short story about a new Mosque. Then you are going to answer some questions about how Aysha felt about the new Mosque. 
When you answer the questions try to use full sentences. 
I think Aysha felt ________ because ________________________.

Look back in the story to help you with your reasons. 
You can talk about the answers with a grown up or write down your ideas.

Also attached is a file with some pictures of the inside of a Mosque for you to have a look at.


This week we are going to learn about safety in the sun which is good as we have had lots of super sunny days lately! 
Work through the power point to learn about why we need to protect ourselves from the sun and how we can protect ourselves.
Then you have 3 activities you can choose from to complete.
You could:
* Design a hat - what colour would you want it to be? Would you want a TV character on it? 
* Design a pair of sunglasses - What colour would you like these to be? Would they have a pattern?
* Draw all the items you need to pack in a bag for a day trip to the beach on a sunny day to protect yourself from the sun (not buckets and spades!).


If you can't print the worksheets out, try your best to draw the outlines or ask a grownup to help you draw them, if you can't draw the outlines write some sentences explaining your designs or a list of what you would need to pack.