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Greenfield Primary School

Imagine, Believe, Succeed


Good morning Troughton Class! laugh

I enjoyed seeing some of you super vehicles yesterday. smiley I am so proud of all of you that are doing your learning each day and listening to your grown ups. You are super stars!
Remember you can email any questions, pictures of your learning or just to say hello on our class email:


Today for reading I would like you to read the story in the power point below, if you cannot open power points I've attached it as a PDF file.

There are lots of questions along the way for you to answer. If you get stuck on any tricky words, please use your sounds and if it still doesn't sound correct ask a grown up to help you!
You might want to do this today and tomorrow as it is a long story. smiley

Maths: Red, Orange, Yellow and Green groups

Today you will be finding change from an amount. The amount you are starting with is on your worksheet. You will need to use your super subtraction skills to solve these problems. Remember to count carefully and use pictures or diagrams to help you with your working out. I have included an example to help you. smiley

Maths: Blue group

Today we are going to be learning about notes. You might not have all these notes at home. Look at the number in the corner, this is how many pounds this note is worth. 

Q1 - Match the notes to the correct value. What number can you see on the note? That is how many pounds it is worth.

Q2 - Read the question carefully, which notes does Dan have?
Q3 - Take a look at how many of each note there are, count these carefully and write the number in the box. (There are 0 £5 notes).

Q4 - Look at the two notes, tick the one which has the smaller value.
Q5 - Use the greater than > , less than < or equals = symbol to place between the two amounts.

Challenge - Think about what Kim is saying and what you know about bank notes.

Literacy - All groups

We are going to be looking at the story of Anansi and the Melon.

 I would like you to watch the story and then answer the questions for your group.

Try to answer the questions in complete sentences.


In our last RE lesson we thought about special places and which places are special to us. Today we are going to learn about mosques and think about why mosques are special to Muslim people. 
First look through the power point.

Then you need to draw a picture of a mosque and include some details about what you might find inside a mosque.
Finally you will write a couple of sentences about why you think mosques are special places to Muslims.


In our last PSHE lesson we learned about how to have good personal hygiene. Today we will look more closely about how to look after our teeth. Take a look at the power point below, then you are going to draw four ways to look after your teeth and write a tip for each picture you draw! 
Use the power point to help you with ideas.