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Good morning Troughton class! laugh

I hope you are well and happy. I am so happy about all the sunshine we are currently having! I hope you're remembering your sun cream and sun hats when you go outside!


If you didn't finish reading yesterday's book then head back to yesterday's page and follow the link to carry on from where you left off.

If you did finish choose a story that makes you laugh to read today. Which part made you laugh? 

Maths: Red,Orange, Yellow and Green groups

Today we are going to order lengths.
You may need to order from the largest to the smallest, or from the smallest to the largest.

Ordering lengths from longest to smallest
(15cm)    (34cm)    (28cm)
34cm, 28cm, 15cm

Read the questions carefully to find out what you need to do to solve each of the questions. Remember to check how many tens are in each digit to work out which numbers are the largest.

Maths: Blue group

Today we are going to be measuring length using centimetres. We can measure tiny things using millimetres (mm), medium sized things using centimetres (cm) or big things we measure using meters (m).  

Put your learning to the test with this game:

Literacy: All groups

The Anansi stories tell us about the adventures of a spider that is very different from the ones we see around us.

Today you are going to find out some facts about spiders. Tomorrow you will be using this information, so keep it safe! 

Here are some things that you could find out:

What they look like? What special features do they have?

What do they eat? When do they eat? How do they get their food?

How do they move?

Are there different types of spiders? Where will we find them?

Interesting facts about spiders.


Here are some websites and a few videos to start you off.


Today we are going to think about special places. I’m sure you can think of somewhere that is special to you. It might be because you have a happy memory at that place, or you had a special experience at that place. Look through the power point and read about some people’s special places. You can answer the questions as you go along. When asked to talk to a partner, talk to your grown up. Draw your special place and explain why it is special to you.


Today we are going to learn about having good hygiene routines. This is something that is good to learn about at the moment as we know it is super important to keep our hands clean and to try not to spread germs!

I want you to have a look at the power point about different ways we can have good hygiene and why this is important.

Then I want you to take a look at the Keeping Clean I spy. Can you say what good hygiene these pictures are showing? I spy someone brushing their teeth.

Take it in turns with someone else in your home. If they make a mistake make sure you tell them what the picture is showing!