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Greenfield Primary School

Imagine, Believe, Succeed


Good morning Troughton class! laugh

I really enjoyed seeing some pictures of your brilliant Art work yesterday, thank you for sending those to me. smiley This is the last day of online learning for this week and I have to say I have been really impressed and super proud of all of you! Keep being super stars! laugh


Today I am going to upload a reading quiz that you can do if you want to. Sorry the pages aren't very straight it was difficult to hold the page open and photograph it at the same time! laugh Make sure you read the story carefully before trying to answer the questions. There are 10 questions altogether.

Maths: Red, Orange, Yellow & Green groups

Today you will be putting all of your multiplication learning into practice and solving some multiplication word problems.

You need to read the questions carefully to find the most important parts. Then multiply the numbers together, counting in multiples. You should write out the multiplication number sentence.


Rob ate 5 sweets each day for 5 days. How many sweets did he eat altogether?
The most important parts:

Rob ate 5 sweets each day for 5 days. How many sweets did he eat altogether?

I multiply these numbers together:
5 X 5, I count in multiples from 0 five times…5, 10, 15, 20, 25

So 5 X 5 = 25

Maths: Blue group

Your learning for today is adding by counting on.

There are lots of different ways we can add by counting on, we can use pictures, our fingers or number lines.

Put the biggest number in your head first.

Try hard to fill in the answers on the worksheet I’ve attached.

Literacy: All groups

Today you are going to write a book review for Mr Gumpy’s Motor Car.

You will need to watch the story again.

Blue and Red groups – Use the sentence starters to tell me what you thought about the book.


Orange, Yellow and Green groups - Use the questions to help you write sentences telling me your opinion about this book.

I have used the first few questions to start my own book review.


I have read the book Mr Gumpy’s Motor car. It was written by John Burningham. He is a children’s author who has written lots of books.

In this story the main character is Mr Gumpy. He is quite old and lives on his own. His house is in the countryside and is surrounded by lots of fields. It is quiet and peaceful. He owns a beautiful old motor car which he keeps in his garage. He spends his time looking after it and keeping it sparkling clean.



Tomorrow is VE day so I have attached some information and activities for you, to explain why this day is important. Today's learning activities will be chosen by you! laugh


First look at the power point presentation. It has lots of information to learn why people celebrate VE Day. It has a part that asks you to discuss. You should talk to your grown up about this question.

There are 2 things for you to try, you don't have to do these, but you can if you want to.


Then comes your choice, you can choose to answer one of the 'try this' tasks in the power point or you could choose one of the documents below to have a go at: design a teacup, design a medal or follow a VE day recipe (this will depend if you have any of the ingredients in your home). 


You should choose one activity to do, you can do more than 1 if you want to OR even do another one tomorrow on VE day! 


I look forward to seeing what you choose! laugh