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Greenfield Primary School

Imagine, Believe, Succeed


Good morning Troughton class! laugh

I hope you enjoyed your learning yesterday, especially the Art work! I bet lots of you had some really creative ideas. Hopefully you completed your plan for literacy as will help you with your learning today.

Have a lovely Thursday! 


Today I am uploading a story that you can read about a runaway iceberg! I really enjoyed this story.

Maths: Green, Yellow, Orange & Red groups

Today you are going to practise subtracting numbers. 

Red & Orange - for your first set of questions you can count backwards in your heads. When you move onto your second set of questions you will be subtracting multiples of ten. For these questions it would help you to draw the largest number in tens and ones and cross off the tens that you subtract, then count what is left. laugh


Green & Yellow - You should draw out the largest number then subtract the smaller number by crossing off the tens and ones. For your challenge you should work out the true answers first so you can work out if the answers are true or false! laugh

Maths: Blue group

For today's learning you are going to have a go at doubling! You might want to find some things in your house to help you do this accurately. You could use pieces of pasta, toy cars, 1p coins... anything that you have at least 10 of! 
If you wanted to find double 3, you would get 3 objects, then another 3 and add them together like this: O O O + O O O = OOOOOO (3+3=6) 

I will attach a power point that has a little more information about doubling to help you. 

Literacy: All groups

You will need the plan you created yesterday to help you with your learning today.

Today you are going to use your planning chart to write a description of your wheeled toy.

Write sentences using each line of the chart to help you. Don’t forget a capital letter to start your sentence and a full stop at the end. You can also use conjunctions and, but, because, so that to write longer sentences.

Here is an example.

My wheeled toy is a bike. It is new and I had it for Christmas.

It has two shiny, silver handle bars at the front so I can hold on tightly and steer it in the right direction. It has a long, metal brake on the right handle bar to help me to stop safely.


You can change the order of your planning chart to write your sentences if you wish to make it more interesting to the reader. Here is an example:

Instead of It has a long, metal brake on the right handle bar to help me to stop safely. You could start with where the brake is first. On the right handle bar there is a long, metal brake to help me stop safely.

Remember to send me your finished description!


Today you are going to be thinking about special and important people. I have put lots of detail in the sheet below for what I would like you to do today. I'm looking forward to seeing your completed work. laugh

P.S.H.E - Health & Well-being 

Today you are going look at a power point that will teach you about some things that are healthy and unhealthy. You can say whether you think the food or activity is healthy or unhealthy then click it to see if you are correct!

After you have looked through the power point if you open the other document below it will explain your learning today which is all about healthy meals! smiley