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Greenfield Primary School

Imagine, Believe, Succeed


Good morning. Hope you are all well. Did you remember to complete your weather diary yesterday? Don’t forget today too! What did you make in art? I can’t wait to see your photographs.

Remember you can send me pictures or any queries to our email address.

Today’s learning:

Reading / RWI.

They have updated these daily lessons on youtube to include word time for set 1 speed sounds and spelling for set 2 and 3. There is also “Storytime with Nick” three times a week and some poems that your child can learn and perform.

For information on this please go to the first page of Donaldson's home learning.


Year 1 -

Year 1 - For our maths warm up let’s see if you can recognise numbers, remember to try and challenge yourselves.

Your learning for today is all about doubling. I’ve attached a power point that explains doubling and then a worksheet for you to try. 

Remember to practise your times tables with Times Tables Rock Stars.

Blue group - let’s start off finding number 10-20. Listen carefully to the number that is said before clicking on the rocket.  

Your learning today is 2D shapes. I’ve attached a power point for you below and a fun colouring worksheet. Have fun!

if you cannot print the colouring sheets, see if you can find different shapes around your house and garden.

Year 2 - Today you are going to practise subtracting numbers.

You should draw the largest number then subtract the smaller number by crossing off the tens and ones.

For your challenge you should work out the answers first so you can work out if the answers are true or false!


Today you are going to use your planning chart from yesterday to write a description of your wheeled toy.

Write sentences using each line of the chart to help you. Don’t forget a capital letter to start your sentence and a full stop at the end. You can also use conjunctions and, but, because, so that to write longer sentences.

Here is an example.

My wheeled toy is a bike. It is new and I had it for Christmas.

It has two shiny, silver handle bars at the front so I can hold on tightly and steer it in the right direction. It has a long, metal brake on the right handle bar to help me to stop safely.


You can change the order of your planning chart to write your sentences if you wish to make it more interesting to the reader. Here is an example:

Instead of It has a long, metal brake on the right handle bar to help me to stop safely. You could start with where the brake is first. On the right handle bar there is a long, metal brake to help me stop safely.

Remember to send me your finished description!


Today you are going to be thinking about special and important people. Click on the document to find your learning.

P.S.H.E - Health & Well-being 

Today you are going look at a power point that will teach you about some things that are healthy and unhealthy. You can say whether you think the food or activity is healthy or unhealthy then click it to see if you are correct!

Look at the power point first then click on the document all about healthy meals!