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Greenfield Primary School

Imagine, Believe, Succeed


Good morning!

I hope you are all well and happy. I have really enjoyed looking at all the work that has been sent to me and it has been nice to see some lovely pictures of your smiling faces! laugh

Maths: Green, Yellow, Orange & Red groups

Today you are going to practise writing numbers in words. Remember the hyphen for all the 2 digit numbers that are higher than 21. They hyphen holds the tens and ones together.
26 = twenty-six
When you have finished practising writing the numbers, I have put a link for a game below the worksheets. laugh

Maths: Blue group

Today I would like you to use the super subtraction you have been doing this week to solve some word problems. You can still use a number line or you can count backwards in your head. Do your best! laugh


Today I would like you to write about what kind of character Gerald is.

First you will need to watch the story again to remind yourselves. I will put the video below!

As you watch, write down words to describe what he looks like, how he behaves and how he feels at the start, middle and end of the story.

When you have done that, you can put these words into sentences to write a character description of Gerald. Remember your capital letters, full stops and adjectives to describe!
I will put an example character description below too of the Gruffalo, to give you an idea of what your character description should be like. smiley

Giraffe's Can't Dance Animation Movie


It is so, so, so very important that you practise your reading! Today I would like you to read a story to your grownup, or part of a story if you're reading a large book such as a David Walliams book or Roald Dahl book as I know some of you are. Once you have done this I want you to choose one of these things to do:
* tell your grownup what you liked or disliked about what you just read
* ask your grownup to ask you some questions about what happened or what you think might happen next (if reading a long book)
* draw a part that you just read

I have put a link below for the main page where all our learning is as if you scroll down you will see a section called reading at home which will give you a link for you some online books if you have not seen this already! smiley


I have so loved seeing all the sketches you have created so far! Today I would like you to sketch a picture of a flower. You could use a real flower if you have any in your home or garden. Or you could follow one of the links below.

Remember to hold your pencil loosely at the end and to press down lightly so that you can correct any mistakes with ease! 

Try and do something active today!

Even I have tried to join in with Joe Wick's P.E lessons and they are really fun! I have loved jumping like a kangaroo and climbing the rope! 

I will put a link below for a page that has some keeping active ideas! laugh