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Imagine, Believe, Succeed


Good morning Troughton Class! laugh In the keeping active section on the previous page I shared the Joe Wicks P.E lessons, which you can find on YouTube... I had a go at one of them in my house today! It was really fun! I'm going to have another go tomorrow morning too! blush 
It has been great to hear how some of you have been getting on with your learning via the class email. I hope to hear from some more of you soon! smiley


Green, Yellow, Orange & Red group: Place Value of digits

Miss Meakin shared a good place value game with her class that I have pinched! You can play this first to practice!  

Your activity, found below:
You need to use your super reading skills to read the numbers that have been written in words and work out how many ones and tens each number has so that you can write down the number correctly. If you find it tricky to read the numbers your grownup can help you! 

If you finish writing all the 2 digit numbers there is a challenge! laugh


Blue Group Maths

Today your learning job is to read and write numbers in numerals (numbers) and words! 

I have put the number of spaces for the amount of letters for each word.

If you need help reading a number your grownup can help you.

Your challenge is to count the dots and write the number in numerals and words. laugh


Where would you like to travel to if you could choose anywhere in the world?

Think of places you already know about and have learnt about: Australia and India to name a couple. How about Egypt to see the pyramids? Africa to see all the safari animals? You can choose anywhere!

Draw a picture of this place and write some sentences about why you would like to go there.

Example:  (picture drawn of Colosseum) 

I would love to visit Italy as I think it has a lot of interesting places to see. A dream of mine is to see the Colosseum in Rome! Crowds of people used to go to these places for their entertainment! 
I would also like to take a funny picture by the Leaning Tower of Piza! I have seen lots of pictures of people pretending to hold it up.
Another thing I would do in Italy, is relax in Venice on a Gondola (a thin, long boat that someone usually paddles for you!). 


That's not all... I'd also like you to think about what you would need to take with you! Draw an open suitcase with your belongings inside. Can you either label the suitcase of make a list of items that are inside! What type of clothes will you need, is it a hot or cold place? Will you need any protective clothing? (hat/sunglasses) 


(I will upload a file below this which has the same information in, but it also has a picture of a labelled suitcase) 


How can you stay healthy?

Tell your grownup some ways you think you can stay healthy.


Click the link below to watch a video which has lots of ways to stay healthy. 

Did you get all of them?


What I want you to do today for your Science learning is create a poster that will tell people how they can stay healthy! Make sure it looks interesting as it needs to catch the eyes of the people who look at it! Include pictures and important information! laugh


When you read to your grownup today try to explain what you liked or disliked about what you read.

Was there a funny part? A sad part? 

How do you wish the story would have ended?

If the story carried on what do you think would have happened next?