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Greenfield Primary School

Imagine, Believe, Succeed

Thursday 18th


Today you are adding decimals with different places. HINT - be careful to line up your place value columns correctly - always keep the decimal point in the same place and do not miss any columns out. (You can add a zero to empty columns to help you).


Blue Group - you are solving problems with fractions

Literacy - Guided Reading ZOOM 2:00PM


For any new children joining us today this is the book we are using. Click on the link and scroll down and you will see the book. Open the book and click on The Toilet Ghost Dog.


Everyone - read the story and make a note of any words that you think you will need to clarify



It has been a little while since we have looked at French. Follow the link below and learn about things in school and hobbies. Then try the quiz and use the videos to help you draw and label a picture of a classroom.