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Imagine, Believe, Succeed

Thursday 17th September



Scroll down to the assembly link which is dated 14th September and watch the video link. 

Reciprocal Reading 


Today in reading we are going to read chapter 2 of 'The Firework Makers Daughter.'


Read up to the end of page 25. 

Make a prediction - What do you predict that the men are whispering about? 


Can you clarify and explain the meaning of these words - 

  • quail
  • gibbered
  • screeched
  • squeal
  • basking
  • hauled


Questions - Can you answer these questions using the text that you have read? 

  1. Why do you think she shifted her bundle from one shoulder to the other? 
  2. Why weren't the fishermen making good progress? 
  3. How did the fishermen tip the boat?


Summarise - Summarise what we know about the jungle in 2 sentences. 



Today, we are going to learn about tens and ones. Read through the powerpoint and then complete the questions on the worksheet. 



Today we are going to learn about the locations of different countries in Europe. 


Look through the Powerpoint carefully. Use the map of Europe attached below to help complete the activity sheet where you have got to locate the countries on the map.