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Greenfield Primary School

Imagine, Believe, Succeed

Thursday 14th January

Good Morning! 


How have you started the day? Have you completed one of the P.E. activities from our P.E. page yet? 


Remember if you haven't been in touch this week make sure you email us at to let us know how your learning is going. 




A new Set 1 RWI session will be available at 9:30am today. Don't forget to practise the sound and then complete the reading and spelling sections as well. 


To access the RWI sessions, please go to the following web link: 




Today we are going to write the last part of our story! 


Here is our example...


Jack ran down. The giant ran down. Jack chopped the beanstalk. The giant fell. Jack was happy. 


When writing your sentences take each one at a time. Break the sentence up by clapping or tapping each word so your child really knows which word they are writing. Write each word at a time encouraging your child to listen for the sounds they can hear. As we are looking at sentences you can talk to your child about how each sentence ends with a full stop. Don't worry about capital letters for now. Remember sentences should be simple and they should only be writing around 2 or 3 sentences. If your child comes up with a really tricky sentence support them to make it more manageable to write. 


Put all 3 parts of your story together. You could make it into your own book or read it to someone at home with you. You should all be very proud of your writing this week, well done!




Today we are going to learn about something brand new – mass.


Mass means how heavy or light something is. Have a look at the picture below for some examples of heavy and light things:

For our learning today, you’re going to need to make some balance scales. To make your scales you’re going to need a coat hanger, two pieces of string/ribbon/shoelaces that are the same length, two containers (e.g. plastic cups, plastic bowls, buckets) or carrier bags, and a doorknob/handle.


Use the pieces of string to hang the containers/carrier bags at each end of the hanger, then hang it on the doorknob (have a look at the picture to help you). Make sure that it’s (more or less) balanced evenly before moving on to our activity.

Our activity today is going to be comparing the mass of different household objects. Before we start, I want you to go and collect some objects from around your house – make sure they are small enough to fit into your scales!


Once you have gathered your objects, I would like you to choose two. Hold one in each hand, and then hold your arms out wide – which object do you think is the heaviest? Now, we’re going to check if you were correct with your guess. Put the objects into your scale – which way has it tipped? The container/bag closest to the floor contains the heaviest object, and the container that is higher up contains the lightest object. Repeat this activity with some more objects from around your house – how many did you get right?


Extra challenge: Can you put your objects in order, from heaviest to lightest? We’d love to see a picture of this!


I hope you enjoyed using your balance scales today! Keep hold of your them – you’ll need them tomorrow!)



For your topic activity today we are going to focus on the castle. Who in the story lives in a castle? 


Where do you live? What is your house like? What would it be like to live in a castle? Do you know who lives in a castle? 


Read through the information attached all about castles. 


Use this to design your own castle. What features does your castle need? Why? You can use the template attached or a plain piece of paper. 


Keep your design safe as you are going to use it tomorrow to make a junk model version of your design. You may want to start to collect some boxes and tubes today!