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Greenfield Primary School

Imagine, Believe, Succeed

Thursday 11th



In the folder below there are two files which say video links.

You should open this each day and follow the link to your video which will help you complete your work. Blue group you should choose the Y3 video.


Order and compare Decimals - Year 5

Compare  Fractions - Blue group.



Zoom - guided reading, we will be reading a story from The Book of Hopes but I will be doing a little bit of work on prediction with you this week so we will read the story together.

D & T


You have all seen the model of a mountain outside our classroom. It is a very good model but I could not make that at the minute as I do not have the materials in my house. Your task for the next two days is to make your own model of a mountain. You can use any materials you like but unlike our contour models this one should be as realistic as you can make it. Be as creative as you like and then upload a picture to Lewis class email so that we can share them.