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Imagine, Believe, Succeed

Thursday 11th February

It's Thoughtful Thursday!


Hello Reception! It's Thoughtful Thursday so let's start ourselves off with some mindful breathing by joining in with this melting activity.

Now we are feeling nice and relaxed, let's have a look at some of the amazing work that we were sent yesterday:

As always, please send your work to our class email:




If you haven't already, please take the time to look at this week's assembly by clicking here


Get Moving!


To warm ourselves up today, we are going to pretend to be a superhero with this one, are you ready? Superhero’s unite!



Your RML lesson will be available at 9:30am on the Ruth Miskin YouTube channel, as usual:


Can you think of a word that ends with one of the sounds that you've looked at this week?




Yesterday you created a paper lantern. We loved seeing your pictures of them! Here is the clip we used yesterday to remind you of the instructions:

Today we want you to write a list for the equipment you used to create your paper lantern. A list is where you put a different object on a new line. You don’t need to use full stops for this. Can you remember all the things you used? You can use the worksheet below or write your list on a piece of paper at home. Remember to use Fred fingers to spell and form your letters carefully.



For today’s learning, we are going to practice measuring height. Have a look at today’s video to find out more by clicking here


For your activity we would like you to measure some different things from around your house. Just like on Monday, you are going to need some small objects to do your measuring with (e.g. paperclips, pasta pieces). Record the lengths of the items that you find on a piece of paper, so that you don’t forget.


Once you’ve measured some objects, have a go at comparing them like we did on Monday. Can you remember/use any of our super maths words?


Extra challenge:

Just like in the video, can you practice measuring some of the objects you find using a ruler or a tape measure? Grownups may need to help you if you find any objects over 8cm tall, as we have not yet learnt the numerals for above this.


If you do not have a ruler at home, hold up items to the picture below, or trace it on to a blank piece of paper.




For your creative activity today, you are going to become designers. We would like you to design some wedding outfits for the Prince and/or the Princess! You can use any material that you would like to create your outfit (you could even make an outfit that you can wear if you’d like!).


We have attached some images of different traditional wedding outfits from around the world below to inspire you. Have a think about the following questions whilst you’re having a look:

  • Which outfits do you like? Why?
  • Which outfits don’t you like? Why?


Have you got any pictures at home of people at a wedding? If you have, you could use those for ideas as well!

Remember to send your designs to our class email so we can see your hard work! Have fun!