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Greenfield Primary School

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The following are links to software we use at Greenfield, please remember we're not responsible for content created by others.
ALWAYS Virus check anything you download - YOU are responsible.
NEW!! -Check out Kent ICT for great links for 'free' software. 
essential reading for the new curriculum
Document making - an alternative Office, does everything the paid version does! - powerful DTP work
Image making - Google's Sketch up for 3D work - very detailed image editor - a simpler image editor / paint pot program - My favourite paint / colouring app :)
Programming - Logo programming tool - the best way to learn to program. - bit more advanced and you can play them on your X-Box! - best source for practical CS lesson ideas
We-do! - a great lego tool for building computer controlled ...anythings!
Makey Makey - the err well its - amazing.
Animation - stop motion animation with a web cam - Pivot, stick man digital animation.
Sensing  LogIT Explorers - captures data from light, sound and temperature sensors
Fractal Art - a fractal graphics generator 
Photostory 3