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National Curriculum Document
The following shows the different areas that are taught in P.H.S.E.  P.H.S.E. is taught predominantly as a separate subject however if a link can be made with a topic it is then taught through the topic.
To find out P.H.S.E. in the Early Years please refer to Early Years page.
Phase Planning cycle       Autumn      Spring  Summer
Phase 2:
Years 1 & 2 
 A A walk in the woods

Children learn about rules, looking at school rules and the reason why we have rules. 

The children also have an opportunity to develop some of their own rules for around school.
Fire & Ice

Children learn about Fire safety and the role of the Fire service.


Trainers, Tracks & Tyres

Children learn about road safety through following the To go/No go program.


   B A world of difference - Come with me

The children explore issues around diversity and welcoming new people to the country.
Dungeons & Dragons

Children learn about medicines and the importance of hand washing.
In the secret garden

Children learn about sun safety and the importance of being active as part of a healthy life style.
Phase Planning cycle       Autumn      Spring  Summer
Phase 3: 
Years 3 & 4
 A Italian Adventure

The children explore the different systems that are in place within our school that help them academically, socially, emotionally and to keep them safe. 

Flying High 

Children develop knowledge of money by raising money for a charity.  

In SRE the children about learn about some body changes.

Born Free 

The children are taught about some common drugs that are legal and illegal.

   B Hard Times!

The children learn about rights and responsibilities within the theme of Freedom.
Jungle Fever 

Children learn about the effects of Alcohol and smoking.
 Tudor Treasures

As a follow from the Phase 2 work the children explore a variety of games that could be played at playtime or dinner time.  
The children have the opportunity to plan a game of their own. 
Phase Planning cycle       Autumn      Spring  Summer
Phase 4:
Years 5 & 6
 A Mountain High

The older children learn about their role within school as Peer mediators and Playground pals.

They also learn about and develop strategies to cope with stress.



Beyond the Great Wall 

Year 5 are visited by the Fire service with some children taking part in a fire quiz.

Year 6 explore issues are stereotyping and scapegoats.

Year 6 explore financial issues around the question - Can I keep all the money I earn? 

 Walk like an Egyptian

Year 5 work with the local PCSOs on a neighbour hood watch project.

Year 6 are visited by a theatre company to explore issues around puberty and relationships 

Year 6 look at transition from Primary to Secondary school through links with Shelfield Community Academy.

Year 6 children support Kitchen staff by helping to prepare the salad cart and fruit salads for lunch time.

   B  WW2

Plan and deliver an event linked to the Community. 
Ice Worlds 

Same as cycle A
On the Move

Same as cycle A
SEAL Themes
These themes are explored in every classroom with the ideas developing as the children get older.
   Autumn Spring   Summer
Half term 1  New beginnings Going for Goals  Relationships 
Half term 2  Getting on and falling out Good to be me  Changes 


In addition to the areas above the children also work on Class rules, responsibilities within the classroom, Anti-bullying week and E-safety.