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Greenfield Primary School

Imagine, Believe, Succeed

Monday 8th



In the folder below there are two files which say video links.#

You should open this each day and follow the link to your video which will help you complete your work. Blue group you should choose the Y3 video.


Decimals - Year 5

Equivalent Fractions - Blue group.

Literacy - SPaG

Adverbs of probability


certainly - definitely - maybe - possibly 
clearly - obviously - perhaps – probably


Task 1

Look at the words above. These are called adverbs of probability. They tell us how likely something is. Use each word to write two sentences that show how they can be used

Example: certainly –
I am certainly going to try to keep my room tidy if it means I can go to the cinema.
I can’t remember what the thief looked like, but he was certainly taller than I am.


Task 2 – List any other words that are adverbs of probability.


Science - Water Absorption