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Greenfield Primary School

Imagine, Believe, Succeed


Good morning, please send your learning to our class email on:


Monday - Thursday we will be looking at an Enid Blyton story called, 'The Kitten That Disappeared'. 

The power point below will be used all week. You shouldn't need to print it out (it is very long!) Work through the questions like we would do in class, if it asks you to TTYP then see if a grown up is able to listen to your idea. 

The text is all in one document, I will upload the text each day and just read the pages you are asked to so you don't get too far ahead before you need to. smiley

Once you've worked through the power point slides for today , move onto your written task.


For your maths learning today I would like you to practise your multiplication and division facts. 

I have set you some learning activities on Education City for your maths learning today. (Let me know by email if you need your log in details)
You could also do this on Times Table Rockstars. (Let me know if you need your login details)



For your grammar learning today, we are still looking at conjunctions!

 Conjunctions are joining words. We use them to join sentences.
Last week we learnt how to use and, but & or.
            I like chocolate cake and I ate a big slice.
            I like chocolate cake but I was too full to eat any.

          I sometimes like chocolate cake or I sometimes like fruit.


Today we are learning how to use two more conjunctions – so & because.

Here are some examples using these conjunctions.

           Put the chairs on the table.

           I can sweep the floor.

           Put the chairs on the table so I can sweep the floor.


           I don’t eat eggs.

           I don’t like how they taste.

           I don’t like eggs because I don’t like how they taste.


Can you think of endings for these two sentence stems?

We went for a walk so____________________

We went for a walk because________________




Today we are going to learn about a significant invention from the past. 
Can you remember what the word significant means?

Look at this picture of the printing press. What do you think each picture is and what is it for? 

Investigate the printing press by using the link below.

Watch this video about how the printing press works.


Now look at power point and go through the facts about the printing press to help you learn more about the printing press


Main activity:

Answer questions about the printing press including who invented it, how it works and why it was important.

When you're finished you can watch this video that summarises the printing press.