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Today I would like you to practise your comprehension skills for a poem called Roar!

It is about dinosaurs.
Read the poem carefully and then skim and scan to find the parts that the questions are asking you about.


For your maths learning today you are going to practise your 2, 5 and 10 times tables to help you with your learning for the rest of this week!

First watch and join in with the super movers videos for the 2, 5 and 10 times tables.


2 X table 


5 X table 


10 X table 


Now have a go at practising answering multiplication questions. Remember to count in multiples to find the answers. smiley


Today we are learning about conjunctions.
Conjunctions are joining words. We use them to join sentences.
Here are some examples:
          Give me the rubbish. I will take it outside.
          Give me rubbish and I will take it outside.


          The sky was grey. It didn’t rain.
          The sky was grey but it didn’t rain.


Another useful conjunction is or.

          I will have the chocolate biscuit. I have the plain biscuit.
          I will have the chocolate biscuit or the plain biscuit.


Below are some sentences, can you say what the conjunction is and which parts make the two sentences that have been joined together? Look at my example to help you:
I have to go to bed but I am not tired.


The boys can go to the park or the boys can go and play football.

It rained a lot today and I got soaked!


When you complete your worksheet you need to:

Use and, but or or to join each pair of sentences for the first part.

Use each conjunction in a sentence of your own for the second part.

Challenge  - Copy the sentences. Join each pair with but or or. Change the coloured word to a pronoun. Pronouns include: he, she, it and they.


Our learning today is about light sources. A light source is something that gives out light.


Look at the video on the link below to teach you some things about light: 


Take a look at the slides on this website and see if you can sort the different things into sources of light and not sources of light. 


Once you have completed the task on the web page above, you can have a go at sorting some different sources of light into: not sources of light, natural sources of light and man-made sources of light.