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Monday 30th March



Morning Cowell class. I hope you had a good weekend. For Maths today, I want you to use the column method to add 3 or more numbers. If you need to, you can partition numbers into tens and ones. As before, use the Learning Reminders to help if you're finding it tricky. As a challenge, you could try adding numbers in your head and then check it with column method! 


Have a go at Check Your Understanding when you have finished. See if you can explain your answers for those questions to your parents. 




Try to solve subtraction calculations by counting up. 

136 - 87 = 

Start at 87. Jump to the next ten, which is 90 (that jump was 3). 

Then jump to 100 (which is a jump of 10). 

Then jump to 136 (which is a jump of 36). 

Now add the jumps to solve the subtract. 

36 + 10 + 3 = 49 

136 - 87 = 49 


Use the number lines and bar methods to solve the subtraction calculations. 




Watch the YouTube link about Grey Wolves. (It's on the English document below). Try to make some notes while you are watching the video. Watch it again and try to answer the questions on Video Watching. Now choose to read the Wolf Report 1 or Wolf Report 2. The report and questions for number 2 is slightly more challenging. 


Afterwards, add some facts around the Wolf Picture. Try to write the information you have learnt in your own words. 


There is also a poem on the document. Can you learn it off by heart? Could you even write your own verse for the poem? Or draw some illustrations that would fit with each verse? 




Listen to the reading of Fox by Margaret Wild and Ron Brooks. Now read the information on Fox's Noun Phrases and also read Magpie's Journey Home. Highlight the nouns and the adjectives in different colours. 


Nouns are objects, names, places, days and months, etc. 

Adjectives are describing words, like blue, huge, quick, strange and beautiful. 


Then try to follow the instructions for Making Tea Paper. On the paper, draw any animal that you like. On the My Animal page, describe your animal in full sentences. Can you use interesting nouns and adjectives. 


Then, there are lots of Fun-Time Extras to try if you have time. 


Other Activities


Free Virtual Tours


You can use this link to go on virtual tours of many exciting places all around the world from the comfort and safety of your own home! 


I would like you to choose a virtual tour and create a fact file on something that you discover. Create a mind map or a poster based on a topic that you have found out about on one of these virtual tours. Send them in to me when you're done!


Physical Education


Don't forget to keep fit and healthy. Here is Joe's video from Friday last week in case you missed it!