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Greenfield Primary School

Imagine, Believe, Succeed

Monday 30th March


Good Morning Carle class! It’s Monday or as we like to say, Marvellous Monday. Hope you are all well and had a good weekend. Just a reminder that even though the children are at home it is really important they are accessing some if not all of the learning. Please remember to email us and let us know what you have been up to. Even if you don’t attach any work or pictures a quick comment to keep in touch will let us know you are completing some work. This week we are asking all parents to get in touch!



Remember to practise your sounds daily. RWI will be holding daily virtual lessons for children to practise their sounds:

Set 1 sounds at 9:30am or 12:30pm

Set 2 sounds at 10:00am or 1:00pm



This week we are starting with the story ‘We’re going on an egg hunt’ by Martha Mumford. You may be familiar with the story pattern. Can you name another book like this? Yes it’s we’re going on a bear hunt. In this version the bunny is looking for all the Easter eggs. Where does it find them? What animals get in the way?

Watch the story here ….


Once you have watched the story can you draw a story map to retell the story showing all the obstacles that the bunny met on the way? (For more information on story maps you can google Pie Corbett.) At the bottom is an example story map for a different story. Don’t forget to label your pictures.



Maths time!! Let’s start off our maths learning with one more. Make your own number line from 0-20. Keep this safe we can use this for the rest of the week. What is one more than 6? Find 6 on the number line and jump forward 1. One more than 6 is 7. Ask an adult to ask some more questions. Can you answer them without the number line?

Keep up with your counting. Use a 100 number square on a phone/tablet/computer. Touch each number as you can so you know what the number looks like when you are saying it.


Today we are going to recap patterns. You can make patterns with objects, movements and on paper. Let’s see if you can copy my pattern. Clap, clap, knees … clap, clap, knees … clap, clap, knees. What comes next? How do you know? Can your adult make a pattern for you to copy? Have a look at the sheets below, one includes 2D shapes and patterns and the other spring pictures. Read the pattern out loud, what comes next? Can you make a pattern for your adult or us to complete?


Let’s finish off our maths singing our months of the year song, the song is attached below. By the end of the week can you sing it without the song?



Watch the Easter PowerPoint attached below. What do you know about Easter? Why do we have Easter? If you celebrate Easter what do you do? If you don’t what else do you celebrate? Can you draw a picture showing something you have learnt about Easter? How about making an Easter card?


Story time

Ugly duckling and friends.